Written by Cesar

21 Jan 2010

On the CCTV we could see them, close whispering. It was time to return. We had fucked women here before, but it was the first time we had just sat around naked. I found myself looking at the other men, their picks rising and falling as the CCTV became more or less interesting. I became acutely aware of my own hard.

Still naked we returned to the cellar. The women seemed more that just sex objects, they were a comfort. They were a distraction from the men, from their pricks. I had no idea why I was suddenly so conscious of them.

“So Karen who gets it first?” I asked.

“You do.”

“You or your slave?”


I released her from the cross, and took her to the mattress in the corner. She clung to the rope and Mary followed. “You choose?”

Karen pushed me on to my back, took my cock in her mouth, bobbed once and then lowered her fanny down my shaft. Even after Mary had licked her out I still felt the cum within her lubricating our bits. Karen’s tits dangled over me. She swung her hips, back and fourth, right and left. A little cum leaked between us. Mary just sat there, Karen had forgotten she was there. It was only when I looked around the room, at the hard cocks, that Karen remembered Mary, “Kiss him!”

Mary bent over and kissed me. I came almost as soon as her tongue touched my own; she pushed her tongue into my mouth. My right hand found Mary’s cunt, it was still wet, but cum was drying around her hole. Soon her thighs were wet again, my fingers searching deep in to her valley. It was Karen who came next, grinding her cunt back and fourth. She throw her hands up in the air and stretched. Karen pulled on Mary’s rope. “You have had your fun, Travis. Mary can have the real thing.” said Karen looking around, “James, fuck her, fuck her hard, I want to see her tits moving.”

I released Mary’s hands. James needed no second telling, he slipped up her, straight in first time. Soon Mary’s tits were rocking. She lifted her legs and James kept banging her. Karen ran her hand up James’s back. His back was covered in cum. She must have scooped my cum from her own cunt. I had not noticed.

Mary came squeezing James between her legs, “More, please.”

…but she did not get much more, James came almost the same time. He pushed into her with the last thrust. He was about to leave, but Karen stopped him, pushing him back onto Mary. She licked cum from his back. Then she looked directly at me. “Help me.” she said, and I did. I licked my cum and pussy juice from his back. Karen’s head and my own touched as we licked at James. We sat back and smiled at each other, over James.

Karen was still looking at me when she spoke. “I need another cock. Tom fuck me.”

He did, but I did not take too much notice. My eyes were locked on Karen. Then I became aware of a hand close to my cock. It touched my balls. No my hair touched the hand. It was James. I made no objection, just looked at Karen. My mind was far more aware of the hand so close to my balls, than Tom’s head that sometime came between Karen and I. I have no idea how long his hand was there, but it moved away about the same time Karen came screaming, “Oh my god, my god…...” She almost bucked Tom off, but he managed to stay put and got his pleasure.

Karen took her time recovering. Then “Clean me Mary.”

Mary bent her head to Karen’s wide open legs. Her gaping cunt. I considered reaching forward and touching them, but Karen had not told us to. Karen reached for Mary’s head and held it in place. Karen came again.

Karen tested her power, “John, fuck Mary. Do it up her ass.”

I waited for one off them to object. Nether did. Mary turned her upturned ass to John. John touched her buttocks, then ran his hand into the crease. She shivered as he touched her hole. John, play his hand around her whole. Then put his cock to her and pushed into her. I rested my hand on James’s leg. His hand returned to my balls, a little closer, skin to skin. As John pumped Mary’s ass I wondered if my hard was because they were fucking, or because James had his hand so close.

Again time stood still. The next thing I knew, Karen was sat beside me. She knew. She had let go of Mary’s rope. I felt her soft body against me. We were melting together. I did not even notice John and Mary finish fucking.

Karen pushed me to the cool floor; she used no force, just the softness of her presence. I was on my back, her tits pressing into my shoulder. She kissed me, long, lingering, deeply, opened mouthed. Then she pulled back, just an inch, I could fell her warm damp breath on my face as she said, “James, suck Travis, give him a blow job.”

I could not believe it. He took my cock in his mouth, Karen kissed me. I felt her body against me. I reach for her tit, another hand on her ass. James sucked at my cock, his hand on my balls. Had he done this before or did he did know what he wanted? Was it him I liked or Karen? What was the difference between his blow job and a woman’s? Nothing? I came. It was almost a surprise.

James drew back. Karen new I had come. I turned her on her back. Entered her. I was so hard. Was it James at my cock? Was it Karen? I did no know. I entered Karen. Could I manage to cum again? I fucked her hard, faster, and faster. Desperately I shagged her cunt. Faster and faster. I felt a pain across my left side, a stitch. I kept fucking, until it stopped hurting…and then kept fucking. I slowed down tiered. Long, slow strokes, then faster and faster, hotter and hotter, sweat pouring of me. All the time Karen whispered into my ear. “Fuck, yes, more, just like that, you can do it, harder; I want it, do it.” Was I ever going to come, then yes? No force to the spurt, just a release.

I rolled off of Karen, confused about my feeling; but it was not my responsibility, I was just doing what Karen had told me. It was Karen and James, I just did what I was told.

I fell asleep.