Written by Cesar

30 Mar 2010


Karen asked if her husband could join us in the mysteries of Mithras. How could we refuse, we never, but we told Karen what she had to do. She did it perfectly. We watched them come up the drive on CCTV, then just on audio as they entered the house.

Karen opened the front door and told her husband to undress. We could hear every word. Then as she was about to open the cellar door we turned the sound of. “Go down the stairs and lay on the mattress, with your head to the right. Do not say anything. Let the women guide you.”

Then the door opened and a pale shaft of light fell on the mattress. We heard bear feet on the steps as the two of them came down. Then the light was gone, Karen had shut the door. Ken felt about and finally stopped moving. Mary was the first to touch Ken. In the cool of the cellar I felt Mary’s warmth as she moved between Ken and me. I knew she was touching him. I new Mary was wet and creamy. James and I had both fucked her, while we waited. Ken must have known he was not the first into her. I knew she was lowering herself down on him. I listened to the sloppy sound of Mary moving, working Ken’s shaft. I knew she would cum quick, but Ken seemed to cum very fast.

Mary moved around again, this time trying to find me in the darkness. She touched me. I knew Mary would be taking hold of Ken’s hands. I leaned forward. I found his body and took his cock in my hand. I bent my head to his still hard prick. I smelt Mary’s cunt, still strong on his cock, and the cum of three men. James’s, my own and now Ken’s, all mixed up and, and I licked at it, at his cock. I took the cock into my mouth, licking around it and tasting it. This was only the second cock I had in my mouth. I felt my own cock grow. I let the heavy prick go and touched James on the leg to tell him it was his turn. I let my hand lay just longer than needed. Ken moaned as James found his way to the new cock; somewhat cleaner than I had found it. It seemed along time. At last James drew back and I knew that he would be touching Karen.

I knew Karen would be dropping her cunt down on to that shaft, that shaft that I had sucked on. I felt myself dribble, touched the end of my prick and felt my finger move on the end of my cock. Karen was shagging her husband and I needed more than knowing. I reached over to James and grabbed his cock; I gave him a stroke or two. He got the idea and started to wank himself. Did I want him to wan me? Well I could wank myself. Oh, even having fucked Mary this was still going to be quick.

I shot my load forward into the dark. Who did I cover, Karen or Ken. There was a shocked sound from Ken. I dropped it on Ken? Or had he cum? I kept working my cock, easing the last liquor from my shaft and listened to the two of them shagging. Karen slowed, she was milking the last of the cum from her husband. At last she stopped.

“Time to leave my darling.”

There was movement, the sound of bare feet on the steps, then a soft shaft of light and the then door shut and all we could hear was murmured voices. I turned the CCTV on and we could see Karen and Ken locked in an embrace.

In the dim light I could see Mary, a sheen on the inside of her legs. Her body naked, we were all naked. I reached an arm around Mary and became aware of James’s arms around me.

On the screen Karen and Ken were leaving. We remained on the mattress.