Written by Cesar

27 Jan 2010

In the morning James had gone, I woke with my arm over Karen, my hand over her breast. It was the first time she had staid the whole night. I remained still waiting for her to wake. At last I moved, that was enough for Karen to wake. She turned to me and we kissed. Was she thinking about last night?

My hands wondered over her well upholstered boobs. I followed with wet kisses and sucked her raised nipples. She kissed my side, her hands found my cock. I reached for her cunt.

I pulled a pillow down and placed it under her ass. I opened her pussy and started to lick her clit. Karen still tasted of James. Was that just my imagination? I continued to run my tongue over her clit, sometimes sucking and I pushed a finger inside her. I felt her finger grip my thigh, tighter and tighter, till it almost hurt as she came.

I moved to kiss her lips and sent her off to shower. That was the first time she had left the house without cum leaking from her cunt and more crusted on her body. It was almost the first time we had not sent her into the dark dressed, but it was just I today, it was the first time it was just the two of us.

I went to join Karen in the shower. It was a larger shower in the corner of the room, surrounded by clear glass. Karen was covered in soap. I pulled the door open and stepped in. The warm water started to wash away the soap as she stopped washing and we kissed.

“I want you, I want your ass.” I told her.

Karen turned to the wall and parted her legs. I stepped outside and she turned her head to see me squirting a large handful of lube. The water was still cascading from above us. My hand found her ass and rubbed lube deep into her valley, then a finger into her ass. “Go on.” she told me, “All the way in.”

I did as she asked. I pushed the finger in, first one then two. Then bending over, shielding my cock from the falling water I lubed it up. I pushed into her ass, easier than last night. I slipped in. I felt her as I slipped in deeper. I settled myself deep in her and began to fuck. I ran my hand up her side and took hold of a tit.

My mind flipped what would it be like to be up James? Have him up me? Oh, I came quickly, was it fucking Karen in the shower or the thought of fucking James? I stayed inside her. “Do you remember that day by Hadrian’s Wall?” That first day we met. I fucked in the grass, and she pissed while I was still up her.

“Yes” she replied.

I had a full bladder. I let it out, out of me, into her. I felt the pressure increase around my cock. I pissed more into her. Warm liquid escaped from Karen. It drained down me, over my balls, down my legs, down her legs.

Karen let out a moan; she spread her hands on the wall. Was it pain, pleasure, delight or was she feeling something else? I emptied myself into her. When there was no more left I let myself fall from her. As my cock cleared her ass there was a gush from her ass. For a moment she remained against the wall, not moving. Then she turned to me and said, “You filthy bastard, no one has ever done that to me. You keep teaching me new things.”

“So, you teach me as well.”

We washed each other. Spent time dressing and I cooked her breakfast, the first time she had not been pushed out of the door. I drove her back to her husband.