Written by john-42

14 Jul 2007

You may remember I told you about my wife S s session with a waiter in dalyan. Here is the finale to that holiday! She had been well fucked by him and his friends and it took 3 days before hinting that our last meal should be back at Ali s place. That suited me fine so of we strolled through the warm evening hand in hand , S had on a simple soft pleated dress under which her heavy tits swung,nipples well out and showing well through the thin fabric. As we approached the resteraunt I felt her shiver, excited ? I asked.Yes, I dont know how Ali will be with me S said. No worries on that score as it turned out ! Much kissing and fuss and enquiries as to why we had nt been back S blushed and I told Ali that dancing with his friends at the disco had tired her out but she now felt great. As plendid meal followed with Ali being very attentive, he said the owner would like to meet us later when things got quieter. We lingered over more drinks both of us pretty tight by then S needed the loo and tottered off to the ladies down near the kitchens. The place had now emptied and as I sat looking down the room I saw Ali nip across into the ladies.Well Well , i thought this could get interesting. After 5 mins or so one of the other waiters came to me and asked if it was ok to show my wife the kitchens, the staff had heard much about her and would like to meet her before we left Dalyan . Sure I said she will enjoy meeting you all! With that he locked the doors and went back down to the kitchens calling something in Turkish through the ladies door. At once it opened and S minus dress was hustled into the kitchen by an equally naked Ali sporting a semi hard and glistening cock! I knew where that had been! I decided to wait a while before seeing what was going on, my own 8" was already out as I edged through the swing doors to see what they had in store for my randy wife, She was spread out on a tablea naked waiter holding her legs wide apart as an enormous bloke ,the chef, walked towards her gaping wet cunt , in his fist a bloody great viened purple headed cock.He simply walked it into her, letting go of his cock to reach up and maul her tits ,pushing away the other hands pulling at at them. He then started a slow steady thrusting ,his hairy belly now covering S s cunt . She started to grunt in rythme to his strokes then wailed out loud as one orgasm after another shuddered through her. I then saw the chef tense as he pumped spunk into her. What a sight! Even better as he pulled out exposing a glorious gaping dribbling hole. I couldnt wait and stuck my cock into the slippery mess that was my wifes cunt I only lasted a few strokes before i added to the mess, slipping out i walked to her head and wiped my cock over her face which she eagerly lapped. Looking up at the other turks I indicated that they could help themseves . They did S ended up oozing spunk even taking a cucumber with ease as a slim dark prick reamed her arse. I finally had her sit on my face and let her grind that mess of spunk into my mouth. Not sure who it was that was sucking my cock as that happened but they got my last load of a memorable night!