Written by NervyCouple

17 Feb 2014

M and I had been out and enjoyed a fine meal and a few drinks. She does not drink a lot and was a bit tipsy. She looked great in her flapper style dress, hold ups and heels. We were walking home and it started to rain so we ducked into the first pub which had hardly anybody in it. Just a few old blokes sitting there watching a TV and a couple of grey haired men by the pool table. M took off her coat and gave it a shake. The two old boys by the pool table looked over and one of them nudged his mate and obviously made a lewd comment at which they both laughed.

I said to M, that I will get the drinks and will meet her at the pool table. She walked over to the table and I saw her looking very, very sensual, which made my penis twitch. This walk of hers didn't go unnoticed by the two men who made the lewd comments.

I took my time getting the drinks and heard the sound of pool balls rolling down the table as I could not see the table from the bar. I got the drinks and saw that the table was set up and one of the old boys was holding a cue and M was holding the other. He looked at me and asked "Do you mind if I play your wife?" I simply said it was fine but that she was not very good. "I can show her how to use a cue.." This got a laugh from his mate..

M said that if she lost the old boy could have a kiss.. Where that came from I wilkl never know but he readily accepted the challenge.

She bent down to break and you could see her small 32b cleavage quite nicely and the old boy had a great look at her. The one sitting down was able to get a good look at her from behind and I sat down at his table. I noticed that he had a hand under the table and was was watching M intently.

The old boy introduced himself as Stan and his mate as Roger. Only polite he said as he missed his shot. M potted a ball on her second shot and smiled but left the white ball quite a way from her and she had to reach over a bit. Her dress lifted and revealed a lot of leg. Which drew some comments from the two men. Before she took her shot, Roger opposite me said that he would help M as she was struggling. As he rose from the table I noticed that he did have a bulge. He stood behind M and wrapped himself into her body shape and thrust his erection into her and she let out a groan... "IF you move this way" Roger was saying, "You can hit the ball like this". He helped move the cue into the right position and he took the shot. he simply stood there wrapped around her as the ball moved away from them. "How did that feel" he said to M. "Very hard" was her response and she moved back into Roger, grinding her hips against his stiffness. This was very erotic for me and I found myself getting hard.

Roger left her at the table in the reaching position and moved his hips and lifted her dress up to reveal the thong she was wearing... Very nice he said and looked at Stan. "You ought to have a look here". Stan moved round and there was just enough room for him to slap M's buttocks... "oh yes" Stand Said... "I will look at this a bit more." He moved to the side of they table and moved M over a bit so that she could kiss him... HE kissed her hard on the lips and she responded. She was supporting herself and Roger released his penis from the restraints of his trousers. It was quite a big one and he moved the thong aside and simply shoved it into M. No words just, straight in. She must have been very wet as he drove it into her. Meanwhile Stan was making the most use of his hands and was playing with her 32b breasts through the dress.

Roger was now into his rythmn and was pounding my wife's vagina for all he was worth. She was thrusting backwards to meet his every stroke and I could hear her grunt with Roger's every thrust into her. I saw Stan look into M's eyes as he kissed her and I heard her groan and her body shudder as she came. She was enjoying herself...

More to follow if you like it...