Written by j roath

9 Apr 2012

I had to go and get my wife after she'd been out with some of her work friends, as usual, it was obvious she'd had a few to drink and was a bit mouthy to say the least; she asked if i would mind dropping her friend off as she lived fairly close by. She's called Liz, quite a big girl but very pretty and she looked quite hot tonight i have to say. As we drove back Liz was mentioning she was still single, she's 45 but quite fit for a big girl and was getting quite desperate in the man stakes. She had on a dress which amply displayed her natural charms shall we say.

When we got to her house she asked us both in for a drink, my wife said that was fine so i parked up and then followed them both into the house. They'd cracked open a bottle of wine by the time i got there and were sat next to each other on the settee.

My wife asked Liz how long it had been since she had sex and she replied nearly two years now........."oh well that's not fair now is it?" she said.

I felt my cock harden as i was starting to imagine what might be coming next, probably me under these circumstances.

"Trouble is" liz said, " i think men are put off by me"

"What do you mean?" my wife asked

"Well," Liz replied, " i am quite a fuller figured girl as you can see."

With that she undid the top buttons of her dress to reveal even more of her cleavage, encased in a black bra which could hardly contain her massive tits.

My wife leant over and said " i think most men would love these, i'm sure my husband does, don't you Dave?"

What was i supposed to do, i answered, "Yep,"

"Come over here Dave then" my wife said, "let's both have a play"

With that i moved to the other side of liz and undid the remainig buttons on her dress; her breasts were huge and my wife even gasped as she saw them both; Liz leant back and me and my wife started kissing her all over from two sides, squeezing her tits together; my wife's hand drifted down to Liz's panties and slipped inside.

"Oh, Liz" she cried, "you're so wet already". She moved off the settee and pulled the pants down to reveal her pussy; parting liz's legs she started to lick her and liz was moaning well by now; i knelt up and liz took my hard cock in her mouth.

It all got too much for me and after a few thrusts i came all over her face. My wife was licking at her pussy till eventually Liz came as well.

After a few minutes rest we undressed my wife and repeated the performance....all in all, a good night.