Written by pete

17 Feb 2007


We had just been to the theatre when my husband the suggested we went for a drink we walked down the high street this pub will do and we went in, as I went in I froze, this was the pub I had played pool in 6 months ago with Jim and sucked 2 pool players off in the car park. (my letter paying my debt.)

Sit over there my husband said pointing to a empty table near the pool table, no one was playing pool, I reminisced about that night and how I was made to expose myself playing pool, before I went outside with the two lads and sucked them both off. I felt myself being turned on with the thoughts I was having then my husband returned with our drinks.

We sat drinking when 4 lads came to the pool table and started to play pool, one lad kept looking at me and smiling I smiled back it was one of the lads that had taken me outside, I started to feel randy ( he was a dish) I slowly opened my legs and hitched up my skirt to give him a flash of my knickers my husband was to busy watching the football on the TV to notice what I was doing. Just going to the ladies I told my husband I walked past the lad and said hello he smiled and followed me out, he took me out the back door to the car park. His hands went straight up my skirt and inside my knickers he started to work me up, I came in seconds, you love it don’t you tart, yes I whispered, I knelt down unzipped him and sucked him off, you fucking beauty he whispered as he came in my mouth. Give me your mobile he said I quickly you need a good fucking,I scribbled it down and gave it him and went back to my husband, we finished our drinks and left.

The following morning my phone went hello tart it’s Phil are you ready for a good fucking, yes please I replied, ok but here are my rules you will be my Sub you will do as and what I say at all times is that clear, I will do anything you ask I said. Good meet me in the pub car park on Friday at 8-30 come in your car and dress to please, the phone went dead. It seemed an age before Friday came I dressed only in suspenders stockings and high heels, I put on my coat it felt very sexy driving to the pub. I arrived and went into the pub and parked up Phil was waiting I got out of the car, he told me to open my coat I did as instructed very good, you are a very good slave now take it off. I removed the coat and put it on the bonnet his hands were all over my body, he pushed me face down on the bonnet this is your first fuck of many tart spread your legs and tell me to fuck you, please fuck me please, fuck me hard. I opened my legs and slipped his prick up my wet cunt and fucked me over the bonnet. Now lick me clean tart I bent down and sucked his prick clean. I will get in touch he said as he walked off.

The week dragged as I waited for his call I had just got in on the Thursday when my mobile went, its Phil I want you to come to my flat for the weekend, he gave me the address, you will not need any cloth’s, be hear at eight.

Friday just dragged finally I left work and went home as luck would have it my husband was away golfing so no excuses needed. I packed my toiletries stood naked in the hall thinking what was in store for me, slipped into a pair of 4inch stilettos put on my coat and left the house. Phil’s flat was the other side of town I arrived at 7-30, and pressed his security button its me I said, okay open your coat I did as instructed and faced the camera very good come up floor 6 apartment no 7 remove your coat in the lift, the door buzzed and I went in. I got in the lift pressed the button and removed my coat. it felt very daring standing there naked, the lift stopped at the floor and I gingerly looked up and down the corridors thankfully they were empty. I rang his bell, come in tart he took my travel bag and coat and I went in. So far so good tart go and stand by the patio windows and put your hands on your head, I did as instructed he walked over to me with a paddle in his hand, now for the rules………………..

He spanked my bottom with the paddle you will obey me at all times, yes sir

He spanked me again you are my slave, yes sir

He spanked me again you will constantly get on your knees and suck my prick yes sir

He spanked me again now bend over, you will receive 20 strokes, thank you sir count them off. 1 thank you sir, 2 thank you sir……………I counted all 20 thank you sir. I dropped to my knees and sucked his prick, ok now go and run my shower, he had one of these wet room showers I turned it on, get in he said I slipped of my shoes and walked into the shower room, on your knees I got down in front of him open your mouth, he held his prick and pissed over my face and tits it tasted salty but I was loving it, being degraded this way was turning me on, I sat up and took his prick in my mouth and sucked and swallowed. He turned bent over and opened his legs now give me a good licking, I reached through his legs and held his stiff prick, I started to tongue his arse easing his cheeks open with my other hand it was heaven. Now I am going to fuck your arse I spread my legs and bent over he soaped my arse and eased his prick inside me, he slowly fucked me I had never had anal sex before it was lovely, he exploded inside me he pulled out and offered me his prick, which I readily sucked clean.

He gave me cleaning chores to do, stopping only to suck his prick and for him to finger me on regular intervals.

To be cont…………………