Written by Raysylvon

24 Jul 2009

Mable makes a beeline every morning to Julie\\\\\\\'s in

her robe and for coffee and coffee cake.

both their husbands left early in the morning. Mable

knock on Julie\\\\\\\'s door and Jule yelled out its open. Mable came in and as usual Julie had her robe on too.

Mable said you look down Julie what ailing you. Its Bill

we had sex last night he has to give me fore play for an hour and a half. He has me climbing the walls,I wanted to scream at him skip the fore play and just fuck me.

Mable never hear ed her open up like this. Mable taken back pulled herself together. Mable said wow Todd and I have sex problems too. Mine are the opposite problems,

no fore play just lets fuck and he can go the distances.

Julie pipe-up and said maybe we can please ourselves are

swap husbands or both. Mable said sounds good to me when

do we start half kidding.

Julie stood up and through her robe on the floor went over and got Mable a strap-onshe fuck me now. Mable said

lets fuck and kissing and and sucking her tits. It did not take long and Julie was coming and kept cuming.

Julie said with a glowing smile; I feel wonderful and tonight I will let him fuck you.