Written by Tomcovenent

8 Nov 2011

Linn felt so naughty! So excited! Leaving the house with her coat buttoned and her belt tight around her waist. Underneath she felt its cool crispness against her warm body, her breasts were not large, but her nipples were erect and rubbed on the material and stimulated her as she walked, a constant reminded of her nakedness. Of course she was not completely naked as her stockings were supported by red suspenders and her panties felt tight between her legs and caressed her buttocks like her husband’s hands. Andrew had encouraged her and he accompanied her. In fact she remembered his encouragement as her buttocks still smarted, hot and stinging from his slaps. When he had first suggested the idea, she had found it an exciting, erotic, fantasy. She knew people did take photograph’s like it, in fact she had seen a short amateur video of a wife in a blue zip front dress, walking on a hillside in bright daylight and suddenly unzipping the dress right down the front to expose that she wore no underwear and, tossing the dress away, she had walked sexily as if a catwalk model, but completely naked. Even now the memory was extremely arousing and she felt an overwhelming urge to touch herself, which, for now at least, she resisted. Andrew opened the door for her and as she climbed in, her coat fell open and exposed a long elegant nylon clad leg and a flash of naked thigh crossed with a strap of bright red - hidden in an instant as she pulled her coat together, he grinned like the cat that got the cream and closed the car door after her. As they drove she loosened the belt of her coat and let it come naturally apart until her slim partially clad body was exposed in the bright November sunlight streaming through the windscreen. She tugged the coat apart a little more, surreptitiously, so that the cool cotton slipped over her nipples and they too were exposed, stiff and aroused by the feeling of the coat as it rubbed over them and by the situation. She so wanted to slide her hands between her legs and feel her pussy through her virtually transparent red panties, she resisted anything so overt and obvious but squeezed her thighs together and thrust her hips ever so slightly. But Andrews sharp eyes noticed, however, and he was grinning like that cat again! ‘Go on, if you want to’ he said. Linn beamed at him and slipped one of her hands under the elastic of the panties, the palm of her hand rubbed across her fine pussy hair and she pressed hard, feeling such delicious sensations that she had to pull her hand back out, hooked her fingers into the panties and dragged them back to expose her almost naked pussy, the fingers of her right hand slipped easily into her wetness and she groaned out in pleasure. Her thighs responded to her own fingers and she rocked rhythmically, fucking herself as he drove on next to her, occasionally glancing down when he could without causing an accident! She continued to pleasure herself as they drove into the town, even as they passed a coach where at any moment one of the passengers, a party of old age pensioners on a day trip, could have looked down and seen her wanton display. The thought that she might be seen simply heightened her pleasure and her fingers were now soaked and the sounds of wet slurping was obscene! ‘I think that’s enough you dirty girl’ said Andrew, feigning a cross voice. She loved it when he did that and continued to pleasure herself, one hand pulling her nipples so hard she actually stretched her small but perfectly formed breasts, the left, then the right, her fingers working her pussy furiously. ‘Stop it’ he snapped, and actually slapped her hand from her right nipple which hurt it enough for her to yelp ‘ouch! You bast….’ he glanced sharply at her, ‘what?’ as she looked down meekly, pulling her coat together to cover herself, tightening the belt once again. ‘I’m Sorry’ she murmured. ‘I should think so’ he said a little more gently and drove into a multi-story car park.