Written by Jules

7 Sep 2016

A lovely length of long brown thigh was on show as we sped north in my Alfa Spyder. Rubber necking truckers, coaching pensioners and rowdy football supporters peered down as we passed. The Treat of the Day. Her panties were not on show But only just. How many cocks stirred? Mine had done nothing but stir since a 'phone call out of the blue. Anticipation. I fondled the gear stick as I drove, thinking of her fondling my stick.

It had been "Hi. Jules, Lisa. Coming up north again soon. Great to see you."

"Yup. Ten days. Meet up for some food?"

"I was thinking more of a weekend"

"What about what's-his-name? Your boyfriend!"

"Boyfriend? O Spunky! I don't have a boyfriend." It turned out that the Spunky didn't have a black book himself but that he was in many a girl's pink book. He was cheerful, enthusiastic, available and always ready to oblige. Girls in 'need', dumped, frustrated etc. etc. called up Spunky, so nicknamed because of his unfailing ability to produce vast quantities of juice whenever required. Need to be filled, have a face full, mouthful? Spunky's your man. Hen night shenanigans? Call Spunky. Plenty for all. Hence he'd been boob-creamer Dan and big-boobed Georgie. The guarantee of success.

City centre hotel. Parking attendant eyes popped out at the length of Lisa's brown thigh exposed. Amazing how you get good service from men when they wish they could service a girl. Getting out of the car she can't have avoided flashing her panties. Pop-Eye, the parking attendant lapped it up. Standing up it dropped to a good four inches lower, just above her finger tips. That dress secured great service.. We got great service in the hotel, even escorted to the room. The lift man politely did not look instead preferring to ogle her reflection in the mirror behind her.

Great room. Great view. Great bed. Soon we were on it. Yes, indeed. Lisa wore panties. White lace. Me? Down to pants too.

I was hungry for sex. I'd watched the road, every other male had had an eye full of Lisa's assets.

Turned out Lisa was a great cock teaser. Lying on my back, her head on my tummy she caressed the mound in my boxers, the fabric stretched taut under the strain. I could have cum several times as her hands worked me, but she always stopped in time. She wanted to learn how to pleasure me better and asked me to show her. "You mean how I satisfied myself several times a night after your 'phone call?" I'd improved my solo skills considerably since that call. I'd watched solo and masseurs in porn to increase my satisfaction and performance. I showed her how to use two fingers and thumb coming across my cock; where the explosively sensitive places were, how to work my cut-cock's helmet slit and rim. She was a quick learner and soon we were six-nining. Me sucking, chewing her through her panties making her wet with my mouth whilst she caressed cock and balls with her mouth. I slipped fingers into her. Then panties off, I licked her juices with my tongue. Tongue and lips, hands stroking her mound. Her whole body responded and I brought her to a shuddering climax My cock was free and in response she took my straining cock into her mouth, slowly working it with her lips and mouth. Even her teeth gently teased my helmet ridge whilst her hand squeezed my balls to edge of pain as my nuts ground against each other.

My mind was split. Cum now or later? Cum now and I may miss out later. I'm not Spunky. Quite. Later. Definitely later.

"I'll cum later", I whispered. "Okay. But I want to come again now." How unfair it is for most men. "Okay". Hand, fingers kisses, tongue brought her to another shuddering climax. My cock hungry, angry, frustrated, rigid, swollen waved in the air as I went to the shower. "I want more of that. Later." she whispered watching wide-eyed.

Dinner downstairs. Gone the short-flirty cotton dress. Instead, figure hugging, equally short dress. No panties I knew. Big heels. Heads turn admiringly, jealously. Long brown thighs exposed knowingly. Great service, not surprisingly.

Back to the bedroom and business. Cock hungry for more. For relief. For release.

Before dinner, she of no panties, had been fussy about mine. Turns out she had a bit of pantie fetish. Now I like wearing nice sexy, but comfortable, underwear, but this was more. Hence the fuss. Part of her cock teasing. She'd brought some for me to wear. Skimpy bikini briefs with a pouch for balls and a cock 'sock', More skimpy bikini briefs nautical stripes, red blue and white. Boxers black hipsters, slightly see-through nylon, All low rise. Great. Can't bear tight things over my tummy. But then - from a girl who has a lax attitude to underwear wearing herself two pairs of girls' panties for ME. One pair, floral, labelled, Floozie and boys' style boxers in pale blue. "I got size 14 for you", reassuringly. That finished appeal of shameless thought of wearing her panties for supper under my chinos.

Hence we were back on the bed she in her dress still. Me down to "Hello sailor". Mound being massaged, cock explored.

Length and girth increasing, held firmly in place by French matelot bikini pants. Pause. Lisa disappears briefly. Reappears with .......a girl's vibrator. Plugged in. Switched on. Brrr. The vibrator on my cock and balls mound felt strange but fantastic. New dimension in cock-teasing for me. Go on LIsa until I ask you to stop. Like tomorrow? Next week?

After, it seemed an hour, probably ten minutes it was "Me now". She lay on her back. I pushed up her dress the next inch to reveal her shaved, silky body. Fingers slipped in. Soft, slipper and warm. I used the tool over her and slipped it inside her sliding it in and out, using it as a rigid cock. Another shuddering climax. "That's three", she whispered happily.

She pulled my pants down. Her hands slipped bands over my balls. I felt them, hard, firm, standing clear of my groins. I had to stroke them, they felt wonderful. Then she came down on my cock using all her skills, with mouth again. Then it was slow wank. Faster. Lips. Mouth. Fast wank. I caressed my balls, feeling on another planet.

"Doggy", I begged. I wanted those hard balls slapping against her. " Shag me hard". "Oh' yes I'll shag you for ever hard. Hard. Hard." The feeling was fantastic as me hard balls slammed against her heat, tight butt. "Not yet." "Yes, soon". "On your back."

Soon I was on my back on the bed. She stripped off her dress. "I've not finished with you yet. Slave. You will not cum until I say." Again she worked my cock to within strokes of cumming, stopped, held the base tight. Stopped I held my cock. Balls firm. Some cum oozed out. Head on my tummy, legs apart she pleasured herself with the vibrator. She removed the bands from my balls and I knew she would let me cum.

She bent over the bed again. Rigid and hungry I entered. Slowly in. Slowly out. I savoured each feeling on my cock as it slipped in and out. I felt her muscles hungrily squeezing to willing to drain my juices. The pleasure was incredible. Scarcely in control I sped slowly up. But inevitably I was soon a slave to my desire to cum. "Go on, cum", she gasped. "Where?" "Everywhere." "Lie Down."I shot my first on to her tummy. The second onto her nipples. The third on to her face, hair and finally into her mouth. I wiped it over her body, leaving it glistening in the light. Fingers wet with cum I slipped them inside to mingle with hers. We kissed. Collapsed. Fell asleep.

In the night I awoke to feel my cock being explored. It was achingly rigid. I filled her with my warm cum, totally satisfied.

Next morning, as the sun came up, I filled from behind again. This girl could sure generate spunk.

Another whole day. Another whole night with Lisa to cum.