Written by rupertbare

30 Jul 2012

The day was promising more than the summer had so far.  Clouds were high and light, giving blue sky and sunshine the upper hand for a change.  Looking the crowds building at the gates, he could see that everyone was optimistic with summer clothing being the preferred choice of most.  He couldn’t help smiling … today would be a good day for the voyeur!

As the morning progressed, the temperature increased quickly and by 10:30 he was grateful for the shelter of the awning he was working under.  The queues were moving by steadily and he was vigilantly watching everyone as they filed past, his gaze lingering on exposed skin, pert breasts and long legs … thanks be to the concession for everyone to wear sunglasses today!  

Only another 15 minutes until his break for lunch.  It had been a long morning and even with the obvious benefits of women in full summer attire, the work was undeniably boring.  Taking a look along the queue his gaze fell on several skimpily clad girls laughing and joking with each other; he smiled in appreciation of their youthful, toned figures.  A little too youthful for his taste he decided, shaking his head at his lost youth.  His gaze moved on … a faint glimpse of a shear summer dress, before he has to turn to help with a bag search.

5 minutes to go, and yet another bag to search.  A movement catches his eye and he glances up as the breeze presses shear fabric against a shapely thigh; a slight imperfection in the line of the dress causing him to pause.  The bag search complete, he looks up to pass it back to it’s owner.  His eyes follow the curves that are being revealed by the welcome breeze.  The hint of a blush and the lowered eyes made him realise that he’d taken a little too long to transfer his gaze.  He smiled at her, hoping to reassure but, her blush only deepened.  

A hand appeared on her shoulder and it was then that he realised the observer was being observed.  Looking across he met the unfriendly gaze of the hand’s owner.  The ring told him that this was most likely the husband.  

As the couple moved off he couldn’t help but stare as the breeze pressed the shear fabric of her dress against the her back, outlining her arse and legs in explicit detail.  His interest was fuelled and he could feel the pressure of desire building …

“I’m taking lunch!”, walking off without waiting for acceptance from his colleagues.

He walked quickly, scanning the crowd for her, cursing himself for not paying attention to the tickets.  

A glimpse of blonde hair, then a flash of the dress, he’d found her!  

Removing his sunglasses he pressed forward into the crowd people giving way as they saw his uniform and ID.  There she was close by her husband, jostling in the crowd.  Less than a meter behind her now, she was within reach.  Then suddenly, there was no-one in front and the jostling pushed him against her.  They touched and arousal instant flooded him, making him bold.  His hand moves to her hip and he feels her flinch.  A look of outrage turning to shock and finally confusion as she turns to confront and recognition dawns.  A furtive glance at her husband, who is looking the other war, before a blush flames her face.  

He lets his hand slide over her hips and onto her thigh, confirming his suspisions … stockings!  

The crowd moves and takes her husband away from her side.  She’s obviously flustered but, there is no sign that she is trying to move away.  Letting the pressure of crowd take over he revels in the feel of her against him.  Looking down on her neck he can see that her blush is deepening as the pressure of the crowd makes his arousal impossible for her to ignore.  

She turns at a call from the crowd, and he turns away to avoid recognition, losing contact with her.  A glance over his shoulder sees her reunited with husband and seemingly taking solace in the safety it brings.

Heart racing and blood pounding he heads quickly to the nearest service door and quickly passes through.  Seeking out the nearest toilet he slips in and locks the door.  

His senses still full of her scent,, the curve of her hips and the firmness of her arse pressing against him, he takes cock in hand and relieves the frustration.  

Making his way back to work, his mind is filled with her and one thought keeps recurring …

“Fuck me, I want you Rachel”!