Written by Jason

20 Jun 2008

Jim\\\'s 50th was being celebrated by his work colleagues at the Feathers pub, near his depot. I had agreed to pick him up at about 11pm in my car, since he would be in no state to drive himself home.

At about 10.30 I got up to leave. Gwen, my wife, asked me to hang on - she would come too, and maybe have a drink with Jim before we set off home. I saw no reason to protest, so off we set.

Gwen had not dressed up, but was immediately drawn into the crowd around Jim, and by the time I had returned from the gents she was well away, chatting to one and all, her wine glass being regularly re-filled. Sipping a tomato juice, I mingled with one or two of the guys I knew from previous meets.

11pm came and went, the party still in full swing. Then I noticed Gwen very close to Jim, and getting intimate....she made no secret that she liked him, but had never given any indication that she had the hots....well, that was changing. What did I feel? Like most long-married men I had always entertained the idea of my wife getting it together with another man, so fantasy to reality seemed to nudge my decision to encourage it. Spotting me from the bar, Gwen asked me to fetch her bag...on picking it up i could\\\'nt but help notice the lace of her knickers peeping out from under the flap!

I said it was good to see them getting on so well, then suggested to Jim that Gwen should give him a special present, in case he did\\\'nt reach 60. She gave me an odd look, but soon twigged when I squeezed her bum, then ran my hand briefly between her bare (and very moist) cheeks!

Well, we eventualy left the pub; I drove to a local country park entrance about two miles away, Jim and Gwen smooching openly in the back.

Climbing out, I announced \\\"birthday present time!\\\" taking the travel rug over to one of the stout picnic tables. Jim wanted to make sure of the territory: \\\"You dont mind if I fuck Gwen?\\\" he asked. \\\"Go on, enjoy yourselves\\\" stripping-off as I spoke.

They were already half-undressed when they got out of the car - the rest took only seconds, until we three were all naked. Fair do\\\'s to Jim, for a man who had been drinking most of the evening, his cock was well up for distinguished service....it was rock-hard and glistened in the shallow moonlight where Gwen had been sucking it. But not for long. The preliminaries had, I think, been thoroughly carried out in the car, as Jim\\\'s rigid manhood slid effortlessly into Gwen\\\'s welcoming cunt: Her gasp of pleasure as he thrust deep into her made my own cock twitch and harden before I moved round and offered it to her open mouth. But no; she did\\\'nt take it, pushing me firmly away: This was Jim\\\'s night, and she was enjoying it.

With her legs wrapped round his thrusting buttocks, I thought he must cum soon - but no.....pulling out, he turned her over, spread her legs, then thrust straight in again, his movements getting faster until, with an almost animal shout, he shot his hot sperm into her unprotected womb, working in and out until his softening dick eventually slipped out.

It was too much for me....taking position behind her, I pushed my cock in as far as it would go....my first-ever sloppy seconds, and, boy, was it sloppy! Jim must have shot gallons up her, joined after a few frantic strokes by my own juices.

We all collapsed in an untidy heap around the picnic table: Gwen started sucking Jim\\\'s cock in the vain hope of a second helping, but he was done. Another snogging session, then dressed and back in the car, Jim\\\'s hands massaging Gwen\\\'s tits all the way back.

After we had dropped Jim off, I told Gwen that I got really excited seeing her enjoy him; \\\"Just one thing, though, love - he didn\\\'t use a condom.\\\" She smiled a knowing smile......\\\" He\\\'s had the snip...!\\\" So how did she know? Mmmm...no stopping them now, so next plan is to invite him over to help me re-tile our bathroom...plenty of scope there for a naked fuck-fest....I don\\\'t think Gwen will need much persuading.......