Written by Davids girl

1 Jul 2013

my name is JAMES and I live at home with my mum,at22 I was still a virgin until last week

I have been meeting a man of 56 named David who is slightly disabled.We got chatting one night in a pub,and then left together because he offered me a lift home.he started telling me how much he fancied me,asked me to feel his cock which was big and hard,i got excited touching his cock.i told him that I never had any sex with anyone male or female.Outside my mums house we talked and he started kissing me which felt really great he took out his cock and I wanked him till he cum in my hand,we arranged to meet again the next day he kissed me some more and gave me some lovebites on my neck.when I went inside my mum noticed my lovebites I told her my girlfriend gave them to me.

the next day we met at his flat and he gave me a pair of lace panties which were lovely.we kissed a lot and then he asked me to suck his cock I tried but found it very difficult but soon got used to sucking and licking.suddenly he cum in my mouth nearly chocking me,WOW I had sucked his cock he told me he wanted me as his girlfriend to which I said yes,more kissing now and he added a few more lovebites to my neck my mum would see them .We agreed to meet the next day when he would take my virginity do you want to hear?