Written by layby fun

1 Jul 2011

Over the years I have driven my wagon over most roads in the U.K but last week I was in the Boston are and heading home empty when I decided that the next toilet stop was a must.

A few miles down the road lo and behold a picknick site with a w.c. sign, that was good enough for me.

It was about 4.30 when I drew in and there were a few wagons plus a couple or mores cars.

I got out and went into the toilets ,there were two sit down cubicles so as one was empty I went in dropped my jeans and sat down.

As my eyes became accustomed to the dark I noticed there was a hole in the wall to the next cubicle.

Curiosity, so I leaned forwards and looked through to see an eye quickly move away from the other side and the guy then stood up and I could see he had his prick in his hand slowly pulling the foreskin back and then he turned and faced the wall.

He did this for about a minute then sat down again and the eye re-appeared so I stood up and gave him a good view of my bit and pieces.

The hole wasn't big enough to get my prick through so when his eye was next to the hole again I whispered for him to come into my cubicle.

It took a minute or two before the urinals were clear and he pushed the door gently and when it didn't resist he came in.

I was sill sitting as he stood in front of me and unzipped dropped his jeans revealing his tackle, a nice cut 6 or 7 inches and still rock hard and to my pleasure shaved.

I couldn't wait to get it in my mouth and sucked him gently and slowly at the same time cupping his balls and squeezing them

He took my head in his hand and holding me tight began to fuck my facepushing his prick to the back of my throat, his balls now free from my grip, hitting my chin.

He moane the he was about to cum and I took a tighter grip with my lips and put my hands behind him with a finger probing his ring so he knew not to pull out.

A really deep push, he stopped thrusting as I felt his prick throb several times, his sweet warm cum flooding my throat

I held him there until he slackend off and slid out at which point he pullled his jeans up quickly and was gone.

I sat there dripping pre cum rock hardthinking should I wank it off or wait when I heard a whisper though the hole.

I put my ear to it and the guy told me he had watched the last performance and could he come in for the same.

Did he? look for the next episode