Written by deanewolf

14 Feb 2012

this story is fiction but there is a girl out there called lucy who appreciated this story

lucy entered the old fashioned building in the early afternoon , she was wearing a black jacket with matching black pencil skirt ,with a cornflower blue blouse and white bra white panties , black hold up stockings.

she made her way up the long winding staircase until she reached a wooden door with very expensive handle and a small brass door knocker

she gave a deep breath of anticipation and nervousness, she knocked , after a second that seemed like an eternity a strong male voice called out ,come in ,lucy opened the door and entered ,her feet almost sinking into the plush carpet ,she closed the door and with a scent of vintage gardenia perfume wafting around her she walked across the room.

there was 10 men in suits sat on antique high back chairs , the men ranged in age between 25 and 61 seven were white and three asian ,lucy is 27 years old.

the men were sat in a semi circle and on the end of the circle stood a thick set man who was white and aged 56 , next to him was a small polished oak table with a cd player in the middle.

lucy looked at this man for guidance he waved her to stand opposite the first man,he then pressed play on the cd , the room filled with sound of handels water music, another gesture from the man motioned lucy to walk down the line ,suddenly the music stopped ,lucy was opposite a white man aged 34 ,he never spoke but rose slowly ,lucy smiled as both his hands cupped and fondled her breasts , the music plays ,lucy walks, it stops she is opposite an asian man of 29 he slides his right hand up her skirt until his fingers touch her cunt ,with a smile he sits down , the next time the music stops her jacket is removed ,this now carries on every time the music stops an item of lucys clothes are removed by the man opposite her until she has been stripped nude.

she then steps backwards a few feet and kneels on the floor , the 10 men stand and begin to disrobe from their saville row suits ,lucy sees 10 naked men with their happily swinging genitals form a circle round her , they start to masturbate ,with sighs and groans they fire their semen over lucy ,some hits her face ,some her breasts some on her back ,when the last man has desposited a copious amount of thick creamy spunk on the back of her head the men form 2 rows of 5 either side of her

the cd operator walks toward lucy who immediately bends forward on her hands and knees,

the man strips naked and kneels behind lucy pushing his thick girthed penis into her vagina , the men clap and cheer as his white buttocks pump out a vius beat, with a long strained groan from his throat and lucy feeling his bare penis twitch inside her vagina he releases a steady flow of hot virile sperm encased in sticky semen .

he withdraws and wipes his dripping penis on lucys left buttock ,she watches as all the men get dressed and file out of the room , she then dresses and leaves .

its early evening and lucy has made her husbands favorite tea , he walks in from work grinning , i got the promotion lucy , we can buy a nicer house ,you must have really impressed the board of directors this afternoon , how can i thank you , lucy smiled ,teas ready it was a pleasure she said .

now lucy you know you are , i kept my promise to put this story on here ,enjoy