Written by WonderingYorks

17 Feb 2016

This first installment of my tale, gives a little background and insight into me and Lulu. Ive been writing stories as such for female friends and playmates since around 2007, when i first -unbeknown to me - touched on the swinging scene, but thats another story. This maybe be a little boring and long winded but hope you'll stick with it. The first few parts are true events, but ill let you know when things change.

The lady of this tale is called Lulu, obviously a play on her normal name but what she prefers to use day to day. I first met Lulu through her sister when we were all at the same secondary school and even then she was a tease and you could tell, she would bloom.

After leaving school and going are own way in life, it was a chance conversation on facebook one evening, which changed her her outlook on life dramatically. After meeting her feller in 2008, she fell pregnant in early 2010 and in the summer while ready to burst they married.

This is where our journey began in early 2012, a mid-twenties couple with a young child things were starting to get a little tense and Lulu was looking for a part time job to help financially and give her a break.

Now Lulu is about 5'6" about a size 16-18, a firm round arse and a 36-38C/D chest depending on the weather and the week. She still had the arse she had when younger and more womanly curves now, before falling pregnant she was around a 34C swelling to at least 38F while expecting.

Once Lulu had found a part time job, the minimal sex they were having was now almost none existent and with very low self confidence, we started chatting. First just casually about family life, but things soon evolved into sexual chat when we met up for a drink one dinner while i was visiting family and her mum could babysit.

Ill break here as this is a natural pause in the tale, any feedback would be appreciated.