Written by karlos-heap

22 Jan 2008

i work for a large company that offers support to adults with homelesness, part of my job role was to interview the potential managers for new prospective roles. Come interview day had my list of cadidates.One i had noticed was a small blonde,full mouthed, busty, lovely legs in her business suit. Well, i walked past an open office door that led to the interview room, and heard my name being called....Turned round and in the room sat on the table was the blonde,her skirt was hitched up around her waist panties pulled to one side exposing a lovely wet parted pussy, she was cupping one boob with nipple just going hard,.......just wanted to see if i measured up for the job she said,and at that point turned round and said fuck me. Well my instinct as an interviewer was to turn the other way, but lust got the better of me, my cock felt like an iron bar as i gripped her hips and slid into her tight waiting hole, pushed one finger around her clit her soft panties rubbed against my cock as i pounded her,turned her round on the table and pushed her legs back, and ran my tongue up her parted lips to her clit....she loved this and wanted more.Unknown to me the other interview candidates had been watching form the other room, two other ladies, well they had to be tested to for the jobs available.i must say all met the person spec, but i felt it necessary to hold a second interview with all three later.