Written by Master

13 May 2013

I smiled as the auctioneer slammed his hammer. As soon as I laid eyes on her I just had to have her. No amount of money was going to stop me from taking this girl home. I had been nervous at first, a little unsure how to act in the crowd. But when you see something you want you just don’t care. Thrusting my number up in the air I made damn sure she was coming home with me.

I made my way through the crowd; a loud cheer erupted as they brought on the next one. I no longer cared, I just wanted to pay and take my new slut home with me. The seller led me over to the pen where they kept the sold whores. He wiggled his finger, beckoning her over to him. She crawled slowly, a little nervous, unsure of the situation. He reached down and attached the lead to her collar, turned to me and said thank you.

I crouched down to get a better view of my new whore. She was completely naked as dictated by the auction; all that she was wearing was a black collar which my lead was attached to. Her name was Danielle, a thin 19 year old. He hair was blond, and short. Her breasts were quite small too. She was perfect. A real thorough bred. I patted her on the head and whispered “good girl”. I ran my hand slowly over her back, she was a little cold, trying not to shiver. I tugged hard at the lead and led her outside into the darkness. I opened the back door of my car and instructed her to lay down, I then drove home…quickly I might add! I was very excited.

It was late and usually it is customary to allow your slut one nights grace. In other words you would show her around her new house, notify her of the rules that she must obey, the duties that she must carry out and then leave her to sleep. However this was different, she was my first slut and I couldn’t wait to get started. After all she had cost me a great deal of money. If she was as good as they said she was then she wouldn’t have an issue with Master starting the contract a little early.

I instructed her to get up on the coffee table immediately as I wanted to examine her. She did so straight away. I then removed her lead and patted her on the head. “good slut”. I then stepped back and admired my new purchase. Yes, I thought, this one was worth every penny. Her skin was like silk, so so smooth. He blond hair was so sexy, she almost look pure. I took a few photos and sent them to my friends. They all had Sluts but I think mine really was the best! They would be well jealous when they see her. They’re certainly going to have plenty of fun playing with her!

I walked round to her rear, and felt her firm bottom. I gave it a little slap. Danielle cried out. “No Slut!” I shouted. “Don’t you dare say anything when Master is disciplining you! I don’t want to hear a thing.” As punishment I slapped her 5 times on her ass, each one harder than the last. Not a peep came from Sluts lips. “Good girl, you learn quick.” I walked round the front and kissed her. She seemed a little confused as to what to do. “You can say thank you master.”

“thank you Master.” She whispered.

I then started my examination. I felt her back and the underside of her. Very nice I thought. I then squeezed her small breasts they just felt so good in my hands. I knelt down so I could get a better view of them. Her areoles were so beautiful, a soft pink colour. I took them in my mouth and began to suck on them. Yes, these are great I thought.

I then moved round to the business end of my slut. The end in which I had paid all the money for. I knelt down so that my face was directly behind her ass. I could see that her previous owner had spent some time tidying her up for that evenings auction. He pussy was completely bald and her ass looked like it had been bleached. He right cheek was still red from where I had slapped her just a moment ago. In fairness to the bitch she wasn’t complaining. She has been trained well. Which is what I wanted. Some Masters need that challenge of taming a whore. But I just wanted something that was easy to ride.

I parted her cheeks and stuck my nose close to her pussy. I took a deep breath in and smelt her scent. She smelt fantastic and was actually a little moist. I licked her, tasting her for the first time. She was so sweet. I could have eaten her out right there and then. I stood up quickly, trying to gain control. This little vixen was really getting me hard.

I inserted two fingers into her pussy, just to see how tight she was. Very, was the answer. The previous owner had really kept her in great condition. This had to be the deal of the century. I started to finger her, seeing whether she would react. Yes, was the answer. Her head popped up and I felt her pussy begin to get wet.

Right, enough was enough. Time to show my new whore just who the boss was!

I dropped my trousers and took out my already rock hard cock. I was positioned behind her and slowly inserted it into slut’s pussy. Christ she was tight! It took a couple of prods before I was fully in. by now it was pretty late and I was tired and not really in the mood for anything too strenuous. This was just going to be a quick fuck, I needed some relief. I grabbed the waist and started thrusting in and out as hard as I could.

I was in complete ecstasy as my cock began to fuck that little, tight pussy. I had never experienced anything quite like this. She really was worth every penny. Her cunt just felt so warm and was absolutely soaking. She was quite clearly enjoying this as much as I was. I reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulling her upwards . She let out a cry, but quickly stopped. She had learned her lesson. She wanted silence. All you could hear were our quick breathes and the occasional squelching sound of her wet pussy.

It wasn’t long before I was cumming. I let out a loud exhale as I shot my load deep inside my whores body. It felt so amazing and her pussy seemed to tighten as I finished filling her with my hot spunk. I leant forward, kissing her back, before pushing her away. My cock popping out of her tight cunt, cum dribbling onto the table. I commanded her to lick the table clean and then my cock. She did so almost immediately, no hesitation. I took another pic of her cleaning me up and sent it to the guys.

Yes, I thought, can’t wait to show you off to them!

We then made our way upstairs and climbed into bed. Master and Slut spent the first of many nights together.