Written by Bigbarty

15 Oct 2007

My rugby mate Steve called me up to say that four of his army mates would be coming to his place to charge up and go out on the town to pull some birds and asked me if I was coming. Yes sure mate, I said, why not? Normally it involved watching some films to get the heart beat rate up, drinking a few good pints of beer and discussing our sexual encounters. We would stop and go out as soon as we could not watch any more. The last time Steve and I met up we ended up drilling a nice bird he still keeps in touch with. True to form all mates arrived. We drank and watched a film (threesome with a girl enjoying a twos-up).

We visited a few clubs, we were not allowed access to one of them, and ended up at kings head, where Steve spotted Lisa, the one who later Steve told me enjoys doubles. What was that anyway? Nice big boobs, a bit plumpy, long legs and a mini skirt. Mate I did not need anything more! I said to Patrick. Steve did the talking, introduced us and as she was giving at least the two of us the glad-eye, the rest seemed easy to do. As Patrick and Robert were chatting up some local birds we left them in the pub. Steve wasted no moment and suggested we go to his to relax. Lisa was too desperate for a fuck to say no. She said okay (and she wasn’t drunk!). she just wanted to have some thick meat inside her that’s all. So we ended up at Steve’s another movie was played. We all sat in a semi circle with Lisa in the middle. Bart was never too shy. He unzipped his Jeff slacks and took his cock out that he started to wank. It was huge as mine (stumpy around 6 inches long but thick around 7 inches in girth.). John, Steve, Malcolm and I followed. Lisa could not keep her eyes off all this meat! you could feel in the air that hard fucking was about to start any second now no matter what. Malcolm got the ball rolling and sent his fingers up her pussy to get Lisa hotter than she was. She started moaning and parted her legs to give him better access. Mate I was close to shooting! Soon the 3 of us jostled for position at Lisa’s mouth to have our dicks licked while Malcolm hoisted Lisa and then lowered her onto his cock. Lisa liked that. His dick was now beginning to push her lips apart. He entered her half way, then Lisa thinking that she took the whole of his length inside started going up. He let her go only to let her find out that she had a hell of a lot more to accommodate! The gravity made her impale herself onto his cock that now was planted to the hilt. The pussy lips were stretched and Malcolm gave them a few seconds to adjust to his dick’s girth. Oh fuck, you are so thick, she said. So are we, said Bart, who now was breathing heavily. Fuck me hard said Lisa all of ya! Just as instructed came his reply and smiled naughtily. His knackers became a blur now so fast he was pounding away at her pussy. Take it easy mate, John said jokingly. That’s okay mate, said Malcolm, I am just warming up. We all laughed. Then Lisa shouted Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! and came. This sent me over the edge and I off loaded on her tits. Malcolm shot his load soon after, took his dick out and Bart took his place. There was none of the slow strokes either. He fucked her like he was some kind of animal. Barty pounded his massive dick into Lisa for another few strokes and shot his load. Then Steve roughly shoved his his tool in. He was going at it with full might and main. Up as far as he could and then down to the balls. Then he was using his strong muscly legs to burrow deeper. Then up and down again. His dick was the thickest of us all and with each thrust a large amount of spunk was coming out as his piston was doing its job of sucking out spunk. His balls slapped on her pussy lips and Lisa was enjoying the drilling like never before. She orgasmed again. I entered Lisa soon afterwards and added my input to the sloppy thirds. Then Lisa said she would like to have two cocks in. Bart teamed up with Steve and soon they were giving Lisa a ride of her life. I had never seen such thick guns and knackers in action at the same time. Then, Bart and Steve must have communicated in a way known only to them. They both took their dicks out and re-entered Lisa’s pussy. Mate she loved it! John and I looked at each other and could not believe it. Fuck me! said John. I gotta try this! So do I. They guys were moving slower than usual but worked in tandem perfectly judging by Lisa’s facial expression. I still wank today on the strength of that. They soon jetted off and it was time for Malcolm and me. A few trials with the help of our hands (we were not as skilled as Steve and John, which they joked about) and in were our dicks. A pole 7 inches wide sank home. Lisa enjoyed it very much. We soon shot our loads to mix in with the other hot deposits. By now Lisa was covered with spunk all over her tits and face and had a few loads of jizz inside her cum-washed cunt.

Patrick and Robert came back as the girls they met had boyfriends. They took turns fucking Lisa’s pussy. They gave her a good rogering, long deep animal thrusts. They did not last long though. We all shot our loads again soon after and then had a break. We repeated the session after 1 hour of recovery. It was the best night out with my mates and Lisa who invites us for a replay once a month. she said she would bring a female friend next time. I have no problem with that!