Written by Rich1_2008

7 Jul 2008

I’d first met Anna via an Internet Chat room, I’d seen her photo and couldn’t help but sending her a message …. We arranged to meet in London Saturday morning … just to talk and see if we wanted to take things further. I said I’d arrive early, so she’d have a chance to see me first, and if she didn’t like what she saw that she should feel free to walk in by. I’d been waiting at a coffee shop for 40 minutes, reading the paper, I did wonder whether I might be being set up, then heard a soft voice behind me, “Hi, can I join you ?” I turned my head, and there she was in the flesh so to speak, her photo didn’t do her justice… She looked fit, but it was her smile and her eyes as much as her body that instantly turned me on. She apologised, the train was late, she had been worried I wouldn’t wait … I bought her a coffee and we chatted, finished coffee and had a walk along the river, went on the London Eye, and lost track of time, suddenly she realised she needed to dash off, oh well I thought - it had been just great to meet her, and then we found ourselves wrapped around each other kissing.

A month later I after exchanging more emails she suggested we meet up again … and I pick up the story from here …

There was a knock on my Hotel door, I opened it, and it was Anna, with a beaming smile, she said “Hi … well what do you think ?” I looked her up and down, she looked simply stunning and she knew it, wearing a very low cut tight black top, short skirt, and fishnets, clothes designed for showing off her ample breasts and smooth toned legs.

As she walked in and closed the door behind her we put our arms round each other, I hugged her close and we kissed - first on the lips then her mouth opened and her tounge and mine met frantically.

Locked together I moved my right hand down the small of her back until it rested on her peachy backside. It only took a second to slip my hand up under her skirt, I expected to find a thong or other material but as I ran my hand upward over her smooth bottom there was nothing but warm skin, she’d gone commando.

She pulled her head back “Well,” she grinned “ what do you think ?” “You are absolutely gorgeous” I replied. With our mouths re-uniting with even more passion than before, her breasts cushioning me, my hard rising excitement sought to escape through my jeans. Still kissing, my right arm moved round, and I ran my hand slowly but firmly upwards, between her legs – as I did so she moved her legs apart and hugging me tighter – “God she was shaved !” the lump in my pants jumped ! I ran my hand gently over her pussy, and as my finger stroked her labia, I could feel how wet she was.

We moved to the bed, still kissing, I pulled off my tee shirt, and undid my jeans, she pulled off her top, freeing her jiggling breasts, and wrigged out of her skirt. We embraced on the bed and kissed. Our lips parting I ran the tip of my tounge down her left breast and circled her nipple, alternately nibbling then sucking, her nipple quickly became hard and her breathing became quicker and shallower and as I moved to give attention to her right breast, she was writhing with the attention. Her hand had found my cock and was gently running up and down my length spreading pre-cum over my now hard shaft. It felt so good, but I knew I needed to slow down, so I gently moved backward, so that her hand let go of my cock, and moved my head down, first kissing her belly then further down to on her thigh, her legs parted instinctively , I could feel her watching me as I traced my tounge from the inside of her knee, back up the inside of her thigh, and finally firmly over her engorged pussy. Gently parting her lips with my fingers, I bent forward and ran my tounge over her clitoris, tasting her for the first time, and then after pushing my tounge into her as far as I could, I worked it back and forth, my saliva mixing with her juices, noisily slurping. She was soaking wet, and loving the attention from my tounge. After two minutes I glanced up, her face was flushed, and her nipples erect. I moved back up her body, and with my right hand on her pussy gently pushed my pointing finger inside. I’ve large hands and long fingers, so and laying beside her as we kissed again I could still reach up inside her and began to rub her anew. Her legs thighs tried to come together but my leg was between them, she writhed and then, finally pulling her head away “Ohh… no …. “ I felt her pussy spasm and quiver and close tightly around my finger. I continued to rub, this time also moving the tip of middle finger down over the sensitive skin till it rested on the entrance to her puckered (and now soaking wet) arse hole, and kissing her massaged her gently inside and out.

“Make love to me” Anna said

I quickly pulled a foil packet from my jeans pocket and secured the condom in place.

“On your hand and knees !” I said

She rolled over and pulled the pillows from the bed under her

She looked magnificent – her arse in the air – I licked my fingers again and gently massaged her clit, my cock just brushing against her lips, she moved back and I rubbed the head of my cock up and down against her lips. And then running my fingers again against her clit I smeared a fresh trail of her juice upward over her brown rosebud. She groaned and moved backward and I was inside her. I tried to keep the pace slow, but it was difficult I was so turned on, and so was Anna. To try to help I licked my fingers again, leaned in close and slipped my hand up between her legs, so that as I moved back and forth inside her I massaged her clit with my wet fingers. Her arse was now banging into me – a few minutes more - I knew I was close to cumming – one more thing to do. I moved back upright on my knees – put my thumb in my mouth and then put my wet thumb on the entrance to her arse hole gently rubbed circled the entrance and pressed down ! “Noooo….” was all I could hear from Anna, she shuddered and then I came.

I slowly ground to a halt and came out – she turned around and we kissed , “was that okay ?” I asked anxiously, “It was great !” she replied, and we lay together spooning.