Written by her bull

5 Sep 2013

Hi my name is Jerry, 50 slim and bored with the usual old missionary sex.

I placed and advert on a local site looing to meet a girl or a woman and was contacted by David 45. He wanted someone to have sex with his wife Margaret 40.

H sent me a few photos and i was very keen to meet her.

Small . tiny even with curves in all the right places and she looked sexy. long dark hair and a wicked smile.

Well we met and as agreed i gave her a massage then we had a quick fuck with him sitting holding her hand.

only lasted 45 minutes or so but was good fun.

Roll on the next few meets and she began to really get relaxed and into it.

She now pulls his head down and tells him clean her married pussy after i have filled it.

We meet fairly regular and he is allowed watch us some times or she throws him out of the room and he may only come back when summoned.

He loves it all and calls me master or sir.

When i want a pic they send one at once.

when she is on her knees sucking my cock looking into his face as he kneels beside her.

Wow i love it.

She is great fun and a super super fuck.

cant wait till next time.