Written by Musta

2 Jan 2014

This is a short fantasy, a kind of a wish if you like.

I used to have a mistress, her name was Cheryl - and she had total control of me. How total, well she used to have me in cy servitude to her - she also used to have me used whenever she wanted.

She had a friend - her name is Liz, she had absolutely no idea that I was a submissive sissy to Cheryl even when I stayed at her house. However I had always had the idea that somehow Liz would find out what the relationship between me an Cheryl actually was.

This is how I imagined it would happen;

I would be visiting Cheryl, Liz would be nowhere in sight - she had a drink problem at the time and was completely oblivious to what was happening. But I would arrive and Cheryl and Liz's where Cheryl would send me to her room where my attire would be laid out on the bed, I'd dress in the lingerie that was laid out - even wearing the bra under my tight T shirt.

After I'd done my chores, like the Cooking and Ironing etc - we'd all sit in the living room and chat and have a couple of drinks. After a little while Cheryl would go to bed leaving me in the company of Liz and this is where the fantasy would come in.

After a little while, Liz would notice what I was wearing and would start to become a bit bolder in her questioning. After a little while she would see that I was wearing lingerie and say so. In the fantasy I'd always put my hand up and admit that I was wearing lingerie, but in real life I'd probably deny it if I could.

Still I'd like to think that I'd be caught out by Liz - but I know that it will never realy happen