Written by uno

16 Oct 2008

Fantasy for Mark & Melissa

I imagine u answering yr door to 2 tall, muscular black studs and inviting them in, knowing full well that you're about stand back and let them fuck your gorgeous girlfriend.

You show them o the lounge where Melissa is waiting, excited and horny for these guys and for their big black cocks.

After a brief hello, before you can discuss anything, they move straight in on Mel and one guy passionately french kisses her and the other gropes her pretty tits.

The guy who's kissing Mel turns and asks where is the chair and rope u mentioned. You quickly get the rope and show him to the chair.

Meanwhile, the second stud is huriedly stripping Mel naked and fondling her body - she's so turned on!

To your suprise, the guy orders you to sit down then pushes you onto the chair, before you know it, he's tying your hands behind your back, the other guy pulls Mel's knickers off and throws them over to his mate, he pushes them in yr mouth as a gag and tells you to sit quietly.

both guys strip off as Mel stands before you naked, their pants come down to reveal 2 huge black dicks that are far thicker than yr 8inches.

Mel looks into yr eyes as you both now realise she is going to get what you both desire, her first black fucking.

She instinctively takes a cock in each hand and wanks them as they stiffen up, then she drops submissively to her knees and sucks greedily on both, one at a time leaving her saliva dripping off their long shafts.

In no time they push her over to the sofa onto her back where she eagerly spreads her legs, she glances across to you momentarily before wanking one guy into her mouth as the other positions himself at her hot dripping cunt.

You both watch in amazement as he pushes this huge black cock slowly into her.

she closes her eyes and sighs heavily and he slides his impressive cock balls-deep into yr slut of a girlfriend.

You watch the two black studs spit-roast and fuck Mel in many positions for the next hour and she is in total ecstasy.

One of the guys cums deep inside her and the other shoots in her mouth and she swallows it all.

They grab their clothes, laughing and joking, say thanks and casually leave the house. Leaving you tied up and horny with Mel lying fucked and delighted on the sofa.

Hope it comes true ;)