Written by sensualscenes

20 Jul 2014

It seemed like my luck had suddenly changed for the better , I would be back in bed with Rebecca that evening. Around 11am the telephone rang, it was a potential client asking if I was available to start on a job as soon as possible. I agreed to meet him and give him an estimate in the late afternoon. The rent money from Rebecca meant I could fill the fridge and buy some wine so I nipped off to the supermarket.

Before leaving to go to see the client I left a note for Rebecca telling her when I expected to be home. My luck was really running high, the client knew of me from a previous job so I came recommended, my estimate was bang on budget and I was to start the following Monday. I would be working, and earning, again.

On my way back home I was thinking of inviting Rebecca to have a celebratory drink with me at the pub. As soon as I walked indoors my ideas changed. Rebecca had set the table withy candles, smoochy music was playing on the CD, the lights were dimmed and she was wearing a tight black dress, short enough to show off her shapely legs and low enough to expose her handsome cleavage. She told me she had made us a meal, that I had time to shower, and that I was to dress for dinner.

Twenty minutes later I presented myself for inspection, a sexy kiss her seal of approval. She led me over to the settee ' for an aperitif' she called it, which was really snogging. I did not try to go too far, but I quickly realised that she had nothing on under that dress. Time to eat she said, pulling away from me.

The meal she served was delicious, light and simple. She was in a flirtatious mood, making funny slightly suggestive quips and playing footsie. As we were eating dessert I felt her foot under the table pushing between my knees then into my crotch. Pretend it is not happening she said. Two can play at that game I thought, so I slipped off my shoe and pushed my foot between her legs up towards her crotch. She separated her legs to make it easier for me, so I decided to up the game. I reached down under the table and pulled off my sock, then put my bare foot back between her legs right up until I felt her pubic hairs. A little more probing and my big toe was touching dampness. I set about teasing her by moving my toe and pushing into her damp slit. Her foot was now rubbing up my stiff cock .

We played like this for a few more minutes, until she stood up, pulled my chair round, unzipped my trousers to reveal my erection, hitched up her dress, then straddled me and lowered herself onto me, guiding my cock into her sopping wet pussy. She rode me like I was a horse grounding her pelvic bone onto mine. She burst into orgasm but did not slow down at all, continued pushing me into her,a second orgasm , still no hesitation and a minute later hit her third orgasm, this one accompanied by a loud gasp and moan.

She was happy to stay sitting on my still rigid cock as I pushed her dress off her shoulders and set to sucking on her dark hard nipples. Soon she was hotting up again, asking me to take her to the settee. She must have known my cock needed relieving, she lifted off me and pulled me to the settee. She laid down, lifting one leg up onto the back of the cushions offering me full sight of her delicious pussy. I went to go down on her but she pulled me back. She wanted only a cock in her pussy and to be rammed and pumped .

Sometimes when a bloke is so ready to cum he cannot, and this was one of those times. I was thrusting in to her for all I was worth, so close to shooting but never quite there. Maybe she was too wet or too loose ? I think she guessed the problem because suddenly her vagina went tighter and was gripping onto my cock. She released for each time I thrust in and clamped on as I pulled back. It was just what I needed, my spunk flooded out in a huge burst, followed by shorter smaller shots. Rebecca had been waiting for me, as soon as I stopped, she started , a jerking, bucking orgasm that left her panting for breathe.

We lay there dripping and leaking, sweating and kissing.

Ten minutes slipped by, then Rebecca pushed me off. Time for bed she said, the dishes can wait , but I can't.

Like last night, the rest of our love making was slow and erotic . Night two, still the rest of the month to go.