Written by Suffolk-cpl

23 Jun 2008

I had been away from home for over a week. When I got in, Karen was waiting for me. She had a wry smile on her face as I opened the door, and saw her standing in the front room. She was wearing a skirt, and judging by the colour of her legs, stocking underneath.

As I crossed the threshold of the front room, she snapped an order at me. “Up stairs and strip!” she barked with just enough authority for me to catch the glint in her eye.

I quickly dropped by bags and briefcase, shut the front door behind me and approached my wife.

“Upstairs” she snapped again, making me realise she didn’t even want out customary hug and kiss, something we did every time I got home after being away for some time.

So, guessing Karen wanted to be in control, and with the blood starting to divert to my cock, I quickly made my way to our bedroom.

I was naked in seconds, casually discarding my clothes across the bedroom floor. The bed had been stripped of the quilt, just a crisp clean white sheet, which I guessed wouldn’t be clean for long.

I lay on the bed, my cock now erect and pointing upwards, waiting for my wife...

She walked in a minute or so later, the sly grin now replaced by a sterner look, but the glint still in her eye. I felt her eyeing up my body, a body she knew so well, after eight years of marriage, and countless fucks!

She stood at the foot of the bed, turned around and opened a draw in the dresser, and pulled out some kit.

My cock twitched at the thought of whatever games she had in store!

She turned back to face me holding leather bondage cuffs. So that was it, she wanted me tied up. I remember smiling at her, visually encouraging her as she buckled the cuffs around my ankles and wrists. For some reason neither of us had spoke a word since I was ordered upstairs. Still, there didn’t seem to be a need. I know what she wanted, and Karen could see that I knew that.

Once the cuffs were on, she fastened each one to a small length of chain that she had previously attached to the corner posts of the bed. Crafty cow I thought, she has planned this well.

Soon I was at her sexual mercy, spread eagle on our bed, securely fastened with leather and chain.

Karen then went back to the dresser and collected something else from the draw. From my now bound position, I couldn’t lift my head enough to see, but soon enough I found out.

Karen sat down next to my head and smiled, as she slipped the in flight freebie we had been given on our last holiday.

An eye mask.

My world went dark.

Now this was new to me. Oh we had done the bondage thing before, but this was new. Karen stood up, the mattress shifting as she rose, and she moved about the bedroom for some time. In the darkness, I realised I took so much for granted. Where was she? At the foot of the bed, beside me?

Next I felt her at my head, lifting it slightly, and then I felt something at my mouth... Something hardish, not natural, not Karen.

I opened my mouth, thinking I could use the sensitivity of my tongue to help identify this thing, but as I did so, it forced its way in. As I tried to close my mouth, I knew what it was. A ball gag!

As it sat in my mouth, fingers deftly buckled it behind my head.

I was lost, and helpless, and as I struggled slightly against my bondage I knew how much this was turning me on.. My cock felt harder than it had in a long time...

Suddenly I felt hot breath and a tongue on my nipples, licking them one at a time. Painfully one was pinched, quite hard, or was it the darkness that intensified the feeling? Maybe it was gentle? I couldn’t tell. Again the mattress shifted, I felt a weight over my body, flesh touching mine.

Then a biting pain seared through me! My nipples felt on fire. I cried out into the gag, barely able to hear my own muffled scream. The pain eased slightly, but the dull burning remained. Something cold and hard rested on my chest between them, a chain perhaps. Nipple clamps no doubt at each end, brutally pinching my nubs to red peaks.

I felt a hand on my cock, moving it, holding it. I shifted my weight, trying to stimulate myself in her grasp. I was so turned on; I needed something to engulf it.

Something hot brushed my helmet, something wet, then at once the weight shifted, and I felt a hot wetness, tight round my cock, as Karen slid down on me. Or was it Karen? How could I possible know? Whoever it was began to lift their body up, before impaling themselves down on me again. Slow deliberate thrusts. I felt her muscles rippling inside, gripping and smothering my shaft. I could hear the heavy breathing of my rider, and the wanton wetness, the slurping of saturated flesh.

Soon, their rhythm increased, fingers began to grip my shoulders tighter, nails digging into my flesh. The sensations were too much for me, I cried out I was cumming, but my pleas were lost in the gag, as I shot load after load of fiery hot spunk into the depths her body...

The timing was wrong, I could sense this in the darkens. She was fucking my cock too hard and fast to have been on the brink herself. As my cock twitched its last spurt of cum, I sensed her anger and disappointment. Her nails dug viciously into my shoulders, as she lifted her unsatisfied pussy from my softening cock. She moved about on the bed, tugging on the chain on my chest, sending ripples of pain through me. Then I felt her hands at the gag, unceremoniously pulling it from my mouth. As soon as it was free, I opened and closed my mouth, my jaw aching, the exercise freeing it off. But before I could rest I felt the familiar sensation of hot wet flesh against my lips. Instinctively I opened my mouth and the body above me lowered her full weight onto me, her vulva and labial lips mashing into mine.

My tongue snaked out to find her clit, somewhere in this melting pot of hot wet flesh was her release. Then it hit me, it was either the taste, or the texture, but I knew what it was. As my cum began to leak from her gapping cunt into my mouth, she began to grind her pussy harder onto my face. It was pointless trying to resist, so I began to lap in earnest at her freshly fuck rawness, devouring our mingled juices.

Struggling to breath I swallowed the mixture of liquid in my mouth, freeing up valuable space, for there seemed to be copious amounts of sticky deposits emanating from my captor.

How long she rode me I am not sure. It seemed to last for hours, but it was probably only minutes. I felt dry, desperate for a drink, my mouth and throat sticky with our juices.

When she had come, she moved off the bed, unclipped the chains and clamps from my nipples, and left me.

I awoke some time later. My arms ached from being in the same position for so long.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

I looked up and saw Karen sat on the chair opposite me.

She was naked, and smiling.

I nodded, smiled and looked down at my cock. It began to stir.

“Can’t you tell” I asked, smiling an encouraging look to my wife.

“Did you enjoy eating freshly fucked pussy?” she asked.

I couldn’t lie; after all I had lapped at it like it was going out of fashion.

“There seemed to be so much cum, I must have been really turned on” I offered.

Karen smiled that same mischievous grin that I fell for so many years ago..

“Or maybe someone else had filled my pussy as well” she whispered moving over to me and grabbing my semi hard cock, “had you considered that? Maybe there was another man’s cum in my pussy as well as your own. Or maybe it wasn’t my pussy on your face, or maybe it wasn’t my pussy you came in? How can you tell? Who did you fuck, whose pussy did you eat, who’s cum did you lap up, who fucked your wife?”

My mind began to race as she slipped my dick between her lips and began to softly suck...

“Ah, who cares” I thought. This feels too good.