Written by cape

9 Dec 2014

Hi, just a little back ground. I am a young looking 30 bi guy (quite often still asked for ID). . Not until my 20's that i started to experiment again, enjoying a number of bi threesomes with mature couples. Unfortunately the last few years it has been incredibly difficult to meet a nice couple, so i have been considering a MM meeting.

I have always preferred mature people to play with and lately been wanting to lose my anal cherry. Over the last few months i have had a reoccurring dream that i want to share in hope that it will turn in reality.

I parked around the corner as requested and walked to Jim's bungalow feeling very nervous. As i stepped onto the grave drive, the front door open and Jim standing there to welcome me. Jim was around 65, 5'7" tall and medium build, he greeted me like an old friend making me feel more relaxed. (i am 5'5" and have a slim build) We made small talk as i removed my shoes as i felt Jim undressing me with his eyes. He offered me a drink and lead me to the kitchen. We chatted for a while talking about what we both liked and our boundries.

He grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom. The curtains were drawn, creating a dull light, a large bed and a TV in the corner with gay porn playing very quietly. Jim turned and faced me leaning in for a kiss, which quickly turned into a snog. Jim hands were running through my hair, up and down my back and holding my arse. I pulled my top off and he was quickly licking and sucking my nipples, while fumbling with my belt. I had to help as my cock was starting hurt, straining against my jeans. In seconds Jim had pulled off my jeans, socks and boxers leaving me standing there naked. Jim was on his knees and began to rub his face over my cock, my hands fell to his head and i started directing his movements, this encouraged Jim to start licking my balls working his way up my cock before taking me in his mouth. I could feel his tongue exploring my bell end then sucking hard while attempting to deep throat me, all the while his hands running up and down my legs and feeling my arse. When my cock popped out of his mouth i bent down to kiss him, both our tongues in overdrive. I asked him to stand up and began to pull his clothes off. I was happy to find a lovely 6' cock which was quite slim (perfect for my arse as i am exremely tight) i dropped to my knees, licking his balls and cock tasting his sweet pre-cum. The whole time i was looking up at him, with him looking down, i felt very submissive. We moved onto the bed and 69'd with me on top. My cock was deep in Jim's mouth and his finger began to tickle my arse. I lifted my cock from his mouth and sat up, giving him a good view of my tight arse. Jim didnt need encouragement he started to rim me! I was in heaven, his tongue opening my little hole, pushing it in and out. I grabbed his warm cock and started to wank it slowly when i felt his finger start to enter me. I adjusted my position pulling Jim's legs back giving me full access to his cock, balls and arse. I sucked for all i was worth while my arse was getting fingered, when i felt a second finger trying to sequeeze into me i pulled open his arse and began to lick and probe my fingers. Jim happily took my two fingers and both our moans were getting louder. I felt Jim's fingers being removed from me when he asked if i was ready. With great anticipation i said yes and laid back on the bed. Jim pulled a condom from the bedside table and a bottle of lube. I happily rolled it down his cock and laid back as Jim rubbed lube into bum and over his cock. Jim knelt between my legs and presented his cock to my hole, i reminded him to be gentle as he moved his weight forward. The pain was terrible as my arse began to stretch around his cock, after a few minutes of coaxing i felt the head enter me, although still in pain it felt good. I grabbed Jim pulling him closer as he pushed deeper into me and soon i had taken him and the pleasure increased. Jim began fucking me very slowly then increasing his pace, just as i wanted to change position to doggie he said he was going to cum! He pulled out, torn off the condom and spunked over my chest, with a little spraying on my face. Jim had a massive grim on his face and quickly asked if i was ok. I was and just catching my breath. He suggested a shower to clean up and showed me to the bathroom. I stepped into thr shower and was surprised that Jim joined me. Standing under the warm water Jim started to soap me up oaying alot of attention to my now sore arse and cock. I returned the favour with a soapy wank. I said to Jim that it was my turn to cum, he smiled and jumped out the shower. A minute later he returned and handed me a condom. I pulled it over my cock and Jim turned facing the wall holding his arse open. I pushed one then two fingers into his arse to loosen him, then slowly pushing my cock into him. I pushed until i was balls deep and started fucking increasing my pace. So good to be have been fucked and now fucking someone over double my age. As i fucked Jim i held his growing cock in my hands feeling that i was going to cum. After more hard, fast strokes i came with Jim squeezing my cock with his arse. As i slipped out Jim turned and gave me a long snog. We finished our shower and got dressed. I left Jim's walking a little tenterlively but extremely happy and satisifed.

I hope one day i can find someone who can give me a similar experience.