Written by Soldier Blue

15 Jun 2010

This is a follow on from when Jan my once prim & proper wife had met Steve by the lake where he & I had both fucked her & she had sucked our cocks, which was the first time she had ever had another cock inside her.

Steve had visited us a couple of times in our house where we had all had some very sexy nights with me & Steve fucking Jan in every position & Cumming all over her sexy body which she loved, we had also talked about Steve bringing a friend round but Jan said she was happy with just the two of us. One night we had arranged to meet Steve at a country pub for a meal & unknown to Jan, I had asked him to bring a friend just to see how things would develop. Jan & I were the first there & were having a drink in the bar when Steve walked in with his friend but it was me that I was surprised, his friend was a female, about 35 years old with a fantastic body, not to slim but not to big with a fabulous looking pair of tits, dressed in a red jumper & short mini skirt.

They came over & joined us, Steve introduced her as Mary a friend from where he worked we all had a drink getting to know each other before going in for something to eat. I sat next to Mary & Steve was sitting next to Jan. As we were eating I saw that Steve’s hand kept going under the table & from the look on Jan’s face it was obvious that he was playing with her cunt. Mary had meanwhile put her hand on my thigh rubbing & squeezing the top of my leg just stopping below my now hardening cock.

After we had eaten we went to the car, Steve in the back with Jan & Mary next to me in the front. As we drove along I looked in the mirror & could see Jan & Steve kissing, Steve had his hand up her skirt & she was rubbing his very erect cock, not wanting to be left out I put my hand on Mary’s thigh at which she opened her knees letting me feel her wet & my first hairless cunt. She was rubbing my rock hard cock through my jeans as we listened to Jan’s moans from the back seat as Steve was fingering her eager cunt. I had to tell Mary to stop as we approached our house & we all straightened ourselves up before going in.

Jan went to the kitchen to make us all coffee & I went to talk to her about the night, I was a bit nervous about how she would react to another woman joining our fun & was amazed when she told me to enjoy it, why should she have all the fun. As I kissed her & touched her soaking wet cunt I told her how much I loved her acting like a slut. When we went into the lounge we saw Steve & Mary enjoying each other on the sofa, she was sucking his cock as he fingered her cunt Jan nearly dropped the tray, she had never seen another woman sucking cock before & she said it turned her on even more.

We sat on the floor opposite, watching them in there lust for each other, as we watched Steve removed Mary’s thong & for the first time Jan saw her smooth hairless cunt, another first. We watched as he got on his knees between her legs & buried his face in her cunt, all the time Jan was rubbing my very hard cock. It wasn’t long before Jan had taken it out & was sucking it hard as I had three fingers inside her now very very wet cunt. I frantically took her skirt & g string off, I needed to taste her cunt juice & It wasn’t long before I was lapping them up. I heard a loud move from Mary as she came for the first time, this pushed Jan over the edge & she also came with a loud moan.

We all rested for a while & drank our coffee (which was nearly cold now) Steve joined Jan on the floor & I sat next to Mary, inhaling the sexy smells from her smooth cunt. Mary said she needed to use the loo so Jan took her up stairs. I told Steve how surprised I was when I had seen Mary as I thought he would bring a male with him, he just said this would be more fun. Mary & Jan had been gone a while so Steve went to see if all was OK, He came back down smiling & told me to follow him but to be quiet. As we got out side our bedroom I could here Jan moaning & thought that maybe she was playing with herself but to my surprise Mary was sucking on her tits, I was in shock, I never ever thought that Jan was up for that. Steve told me that he had brought Mary because she was bi & he was hoping that this would happen. As we watched Mary laid Jan on the bed kissing her mouth, it was electric watching as there tongues entwined, Mary’s hand moved down Jan’s tummy onto her cunt, I watched as she played with her clit before pushing first one then two fingers up my wife’s cunt damn this was to much, I took my cock in my hand & started to rub it, I had never seen anything so erotic in my life.

Steve had now got naked & joined the girls on the bed & started to finger Mary’s bald cunt as he kissed Jan, the room smelled of sex as I moved beside the bed still rubbing my rock hard cock, as I watched Mary moved down to my wives open cunt & I saw her tongue part her labia as she licked it, I needed some relieve so I put my engorged cock up to my wife’s mouth & she sucked it in eagerly, Steve had got up behind Mary and was fucking her as she ate Jan’s cunt. The scene was so erotic & it wasn’t long before I erupted in Jan's mouth this was followed by Jan who had a multiple orgasm all over Mary’s face, she then moved between Mary’s legs & started to lick her cunt & Steve’s cock at the same time, This was obviously to much for Mary as she exploded with cum spurting from her cunt as Steve came deep inside her. We all laid on the bed, exhausted from using each others bodies.

This was the start of an extraordinary night which I will write about soon, it is safe to say that Jan & I had more “Firsts” that night.