Written by Debs the Slave

21 May 2007

The events as told in my previous postings (20 & 22 Feb and 1,12, & 16 Mar) all took place sometime ago; its now about 2 years since I first met my Master. The events I am about to relate took place at the time I was writing the original postings; it was as I was contemplating the changes that were taking place in my relationship with my Master that I felt the urge to confess the massive changes that had already taken place in my life. Those were mainly well received and now that things are back on an even keel I will tell you about what happened next…. It’s a long story but I hope you won’t mind that.

As I’ve explained before my master works away from home most of the week, and one Monday, just as he was leaving, he told me to stop shaving and epilating my body hair as he was arranging for me to see a beautician to have my hairs electrolysed, to get rid of them once and for all. It would be the following week, he said, we’d sort it all out at the weekend.

Anyway, it turned out that the beautician was a girl named Carla, the partner of a client and good friend called James. I was given instructions on how to get to their house and told to be there at 10.30 on the Thursday. My Master was going to work on a database for James and would meet me there after work. My Master also added “They have the same interests as us.” Seeing my puzzled look he explained further, “Carla is his slave, Debs. James is a very good friend and I trust him implicitly, so just mind you do everything you are told, I mean everything, ok?”

I was a bit surprised that we’d never met before as they didn’t live too far away but he just said the time hadn’t been right and refused to say any more.

When I arrived I was very impressed, the house was huge. Carla let me in and gave me a coffee before leading me to her treatment room. It looked very professional. She was a friendly chatty girl and we got on well. We agreed on a little “landing strip” for my pubes and she got started. The electrolysis took ages, as she wanted to get my legs and armpits done too that day if she could, though she explained I’d probably need one or two more treatments to finally get rid of all the hair.

Carla told me that she had been with James for about 5 years and worked part time in a beauty salon in the nearby town. James also had another slave, a woman my age called Liz, who had been with him for ages, maybe 20 years and acted as housekeeper but who was out at the moment. James had two little holiday cottages in the grounds and Liz was getting them ready to let. Carla explained they were advertised in “selected” magazines and were fitted out very luxuriously but with little extras to make them great for people into bondage etc. They were very popular all year. When I asked did it feel odd sharing her master Carla said she and Liz were both bi so they all had lots of fun together. She also told me how nice she thought my Master was only they hadn’t seen much of him since he had found me.

“I hope you’ll both be able to start coming to our meetings,” she added but wouldn’t say anything more about it.

We’d had a break and a sandwich and had continued with the treatment for quite some time after lunch when I heard someone arrive. Carla said it would be her Master, James. He came in and said hello, explaining he had returned early but Jed was still at the office working and asked Carla to bring me up to the suite when I was ready. Carla said we’d be about 25 minutes longer.

After she had finished Carla quickly refreshed my make-up and rubbed me all over with gorgeous smelling body-lotion then gave me a mesh body-stocking to put on. It covered me from neck to toe, with long sleeves but everything showed and it had an open crotch. I put on the high heels I’d worn that day and Carla took my hand and led me upstairs. She paused outside a door and whispered, “Don’t be scared, it’s going to be great.” Then she gave me a lingering kiss on the lips and took me inside, closing the door as she left.

James had showered and was dressed in just some navy chinos. He had opened a bottle of wine and poured me a glass, telling me to relax and sit down. There was a big bay window with a padded seat so I sat there, chatting about nothing much whilst I drank my wine. I was nervous and it went down quickly and when I’d finished James pulled me to my feet and led me over to the huge, high four-poster bed. He stood me at the foot of the bed so I was looking at it with my legs spread apart, and proceeded to fasten my feet to the posts. He buckled a belt round my waist and clipped it to some chains which in turn clipped on the posts at waist height, then finally he put wrist cuffs on me and clipped my hands to a hook on the top of the frame. He did it all very gently and I remembered what my master had said about trusting James implicitly and doing what I was told, so I said nothing.

“So, Debs the slave, its very good to meet you at last,” he began. “You’re looking fantastically sexy. Just what has Jed said about me?”

I explained that I knew very little, only he was a friend and I had to obey him. I added that Carla had told me my Master had used to come to meetings here but hadn’t lately.

“I have a group of friends who meet here every few weeks. If they have them they bring their slaves and we all, well, play together.”

As he was speaking, James started to stroke my body, his fingers caressing my breasts. He knelt on the bed and sucked my nipples, then let his hands wander down to my so smooth pussy. His thumb teased my clit and he worked a finger into my cunt, which was starting to get wet.

“Jed feels you are ready to join us,” he continued. “There are a few rules you have to agree to first though. Firstly, we all go bareback, no condoms. Everybody agrees to be tested on a regular basis to ensure they are clean and no unprotected sex with anybody outside the group is permitted. If we discover that a slave has shagged another man without protection she would be punished severely.” He smacked my bottom hard as if to demonstrate. “And likewise any master would be expelled from the group for unprotected sex with an outsider. I understand you and Jed don’t use condoms but I know he had you tested a while back, just before you stopped using them, and again just recently, so that’s ok.”

“Yes Sir,” I confirmed, “And if any of his friends take me they always use a condom.” I had wondered about that recent test.

He continued to finger me with his one hand and play with my nipple with the other. I couldn’t help groaning slightly, it felt so good.

“Good. The other rule is that basically there are no rules. If you are ready to move on and be initiated into the club it must mean you totally trust your master. So while you are in this house there are no safe-words, we have total control. Jed has told me so much about you, Deb, and he trusts me. Will you trust him and me too, and submit?”

What else could I do? I loved my master so much and I did trust him. “Yes, sir, I would like to be initiated and submit to your will.”

With that he slowly took of his trousers and came behind me nuzzling my neck and teasing my swollen nipples. “You will be such a popular slave, and the girls will love you too,” he murmured. He thrust deep into my sopping wet pussy in one swift movement and took me forcefully from behind, banging away mercilessly. He came quite quickly and played with my clit until I came too then untied me.

I stood there rubbing my arms with his cum dripping down my legs. He had one shock left for me however.

“Jed has told me he’d like to have you pierced. Carla will do that now so he’ll have a nice surprise when he gets here in a while.”

I must have gasped with surprise as I’d told my Master at the start of our relationship that I didn’t want to be pierced, and though I knew he still wanted it, he’d let the matter drop ages ago.

“Total control, Deb,” James reminded me. “I’ll take you down to Carla.”

“Yes Sir.”

He threw me a towel so I could clean myself up then pulled on his trousers and took me downstairs to Carla’s treatment room. Carla bustled in.

“So I’ll do her nipples and clit hood then, Master?” she asked. “It’s a good thing Master Jed warned us and I got the big bars in for her nipples. They’ll look brilliant.” She added for my benefit, “And really, it isn’t that painful. And you’ll come like a train with your clit done.”

It stung like hell, that’s all I’ll say. But these things pass and I knew my Master would be delighted. The clit hood piercing bled quite a bit so Carla gave me a pad and lent me some baggy silk harem pants. She found me an open lacy top so my poor sore nipples stuck through and didn’t rub either. A couple of paracetamol and another glass of wine helped too.

My Master came in not long after, as I was sitting in the kitchen being introduced to Liz. He gave me a huge but gentle hug and told me he was so pleased I’d agreed to be initiated.

We had an early night and I gave him a slow hand job with lots of baby oil on my hands as we’d decided my body was out of action for a few days until the piercings healed. He sighed in absolute bliss, and said I was so good to him. My Master explained hadn’t told me about the club or anything as it was meant be a test of my trust and commitment. He was delighted I’d agreed to be initiated into the club and told me he’d bring me back in 4 weeks for the ceremony. Carla had already told me she planned to do a further electrolysis treatment to kill off any stray hairs and also give me a spray tan in the afternoon so I’d look fantastic. I wondered just what was involved in the initiation ceremony, but that was something I had to take on trust too….