Written by Debs the Slave

24 May 2007

I’m afraid the next part of my story is very long so I’ve put it in two parts again. I hope you enjoy it…The day arrived for the next gathering of the Masters’ Club, when they would all take their slaves to James’ house to share their delights. My Master took me along during the morning as he had offered my services to Carla and Liz – not for any sexual favours at that point, but to help prepare food for the evening and overnight accommodation for the guests. James’ slaves and I had become quite good friends in the run up to the initiation ceremony and the weekend we spent with them afterwards. I had forgiven them all about the tattoo once I had calmed down and had a good nights sleep. The next day we had all lounged in their Jacuzzi and the girls had shown me their almost identical rose tattoos. I thought it was a nice touch having all the house-slaves marked out as such.

It was fortunate that one of the holiday cottages was vacant, as three of the men and their girls were going to use it for overnight accommodation. My master and another man would have bedrooms in the house and the other two men and their slaves were aiming to drive home at the end of the evening. Although James had a large house, he didn’t like to let his guests play in the huge suite that he, Carla and Liz slept in so the remaining bedroom was available for his guests to use during the evening if they so desired. It was all very grand and no-one would have to sleep in a bed with sheets covered in cum and pussy juices!

Liz, Carla and I worked hard most of the day and prepared a lovely looking buffet of light, tasty food; after all, no-one would want a heavy meal. We also ensured that restraints and loads of sex-toys, antiseptic wipes, lubes and towels were readily available in the spare bedroom and the downstairs rooms that were to be used.

Eventually the girls sent me off to get ready and I found my Master in our bedroom. He’d not long returned from whatever he and James had been doing and was running a bath in the en-suite bathroom. I took off the jeans and t-shirt I’d been wearing all day and gave him a big hug from behind.

“Mmmm, I so want to shag you right now,” he murmured, turning round. “But I guess we’d better save ourselves for later.”

After we’d bathed he put on his formal suit. It was a rule that the men all had to wear dinner jackets etc at the start of the evening and though it seemed very old-fashioned, I had to admit he looked very smart and sexy in it. I gathered it didn’t take long for the clothes to be discarded.

We had decided that I was going to wear an under-bust corset with the suspenders attached to it, sheer black seamed stockings and a black lacy thong, so small that my rose tattoo showed above it. My master laced me up very tightly so my waist looked tiny (the laces could be loosened later if need be) and my breasts were pushed right up. I screwed the lovely diamonds to my nipple bars and my master helped fasten the straps to my high-heeled black shoes as the corset made bending difficult. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I thought the overall look was pretty damn good and worth a bit of discomfort and I felt incredibly turned on and excited about the evening ahead.

My master circled round me and straightened my stocking seams.

“Well, you look like a tart from a high-class brothel more than a slave,” he decided, “But bloody sexy all the same. You don’t really have to look like a slave, as long as you act like a total slut.”

His fingers were drawn as if by magnets to my slit as he bent his head over my breasts and sucked on a nipple.

“We’ve time for a little play, just to get you primed and ready for action. Mind you, you seem to be wet enough already…”

He quickly undid his trousers and stepped out of them, pushing me up against the dressing table. I looked at him through the mirror as he pulled the thong to one side and thrust into my already damp cunt from behind, sighing with satisfaction as it felt so good. He moved tantalisingly slowly and pushed very deep inside me, but stopped after just a few strokes. He withdrew, leaving me desperate for more and pulled his trousers back on.

“Come on you little slut, everybody will tell you are on heat, “ he laughed as he led me downstairs.

About half the guests were already downstairs and the wine was flowing freely. The men all looked very smart and the slaves were dressed in a variety of styles. Two of the girls were much younger, probably early twenties and were Goths, with pale faces and long, black hair, black and purple wispy clothes with leather and studded accessories. Another woman was really and truly quite fat, and was wearing a leather harness, I didn’t think my master would be interested in her. Liz and Carla were looking great, the former in an outfit fairly similar to mine but with black thigh length boots and the latter in a leather and chain slave bra top and little skirt.

The Masters all knew each other and the slaves very well and everyone was mingling and starting to flirt and touch already. Liz and Carla made a bee-line for my Master, saying how much they had missed him and dragged him away. James came nonchalantly to my side.

“Well, Debs the Slave,” he greeted me, “It looks like its up to me to entertain you.”

He led me towards the drinks table and gave me a glass of wine, but hardly gave me time for more than a sip before he removed the glass from my hand and gently backed me up against the wall.

“I know Carla wants to get her hands on you later,” he told me, “So I thought I’d better get to play with you whilst I had a chance.”

He kissed me deeply and I responded, there had been a fizz between James and myself from when we first met and the weekend after the initiation ceremony had intensified the attraction he had for me. His hands wondered over my body, caressing and stroking, till a finger slid into my aching pussy and my thong was pulled down and I stepped out of it. It was weird but I suddenly felt uneasy; my master had more or less made me be initiated into the club and bought me along to the meeting so he obviously wanted me to be taken by any of the other men as and when they desired, as that was the rule, but without him nearby and offering me to James I felt I was cheating on him.

James sensed something was up and asked me what was the matter. I laughed and said I was being silly but told him all the same. He said not to worry, we would go and find Jed and he would play with me there. He added that the way I was so old-fashioned and good but such a willing slut was what made me adorable.

He took me by the hand and led me through to the other sitting room, where my Master was lying naked on a sofa, with Liz sucking his cock while Carla had her breasts in his face and he was finger fucking her. He looked like a cat who’d got the cream.

I started to undress James, kissed him deeply then knelt in front of him and licked the tip of his cock. I wiped the glistening drop of pre-cum over my lips like lipstick then ran my tongue down his shaft, before taking him deeply into my mouth. I paused, then told him to go and sit down and be comfy, and when he did so settled down to my work of giving pleasure in earnest. I was concentrating hard on the job in hand, because I am a very good slave and know my duty, and kept him close to the edge for ages before increasing my hand movements to bring him off. I frantically swallowed as he groaned and spurted, licking his cock clean.

I’ll tell you about the rest of the evening in the second part