Written by Debs the Slave

21 May 2007

My nipple and clit hood piercings healed rapidly and Carla was right, the increase in sensitivity meant I came like a train. The weeks passed quickly until my Master took me round to James’ house for the ceremony. I was still rather apprehensive about what was involved but even Carla refused to tell me as she got me ready during the afternoon.

“Its just you and all the masters, no other slaves. We all go through it.” That was all she would say.

We had heard several men arrive and the murmur of voices and laughter came through the closed door as the masters ate from the buffet laid out in the sitting room. I gulped down the very strong gin and tonic she had given me for Dutch courage. I was tanned and she had done my hair beautifully and helped me with my make-up. She had finished me off with high-heeled shoes and a collar and lead but other than that I was totally naked. “Just as a brand new slave should be,” she informed me as we waited in a little side room.

It seemed like ages before a bell rang and Carla led me through. About ten men, all looking very formal in dinner suits and masks were ranged about the room, some sitting, some standing. Two men came forward whom I recognised as James and my Master. Carla placed the lead in my Master’s hand and left the room, firmly closing the door behind her.

My Master gave the lead to James, saying formally, “Here is the slave, I offer her for the pleasure of the company.”

James undid the collar and dropped it onto the floor replying, “Then all who wish may take her.”

With that, a couple of the men came forward and started to fondle me. I have to say I felt a bit like an animal at a market, but then I guess that was the general idea. I stood very upright, holding my breasts out and let them do what they wanted. The men started to undress and I was laid on the floor on a pile of cushions. An erect cock was pressed against my mouth so I opened wide and started to lick and suck and do my best. Someone else spread my legs wide open and started to tease me with his tongue. He certainly knew what he was doing and I started to gasp as my now extra sensitive clit was stimulated to orgasm. This was greeted with shouts of encouragement and a cock of the most impressive size soon entered me. At the same time the cock in my mouth started to quiver and a wad of semen shot down my throat. I swallowed frantically as it continued to spurt but couldn’t help a bit of cum dribbling from the side of my mouth.

I started to loose track after a bit. I sucked cocks and swallowed what seemed like pints of cum and men banged away in me. I was leant over a sofa and entered from behind. Then my arse was lubed-up and I felt fingers start to stretch my tight hole and a cock pushed in, with that familiar and welcome feeling of part pleasure part pain, until the former rapidly took over and it became pure pleasure and a feeling of marvellous fullness. Several times I sat astride one of them with a cock in my mouth, pussy and arse simultaneously. My tits were sucked and stroked and I came and came with wave after wave of incredible orgasms until I was exhausted.

They were all lovely men, I wasn’t forced to do anything, they bought me more drinks, glasses of water, let me rest a bit between times and certainly ensured I was getting plenty of satisfaction, but all the same, I eventually felt I could take no more. I had semen smeared over my breasts and tummy and dribbling from my mouth, my pussy and my arse, and all three felt stretched and sore from so much shagging.

There was a bit of a lull, I think they were all shagged out too. I turned to James who was by me on the sofa, gently playing with my breasts.

“Please Sir, I’m sorry, I don’t think I can take any more,” I whispered. He gently wiped my moth and kissed me, then leant over and picked up something from a nearby table.

“God you look so sexy like this…You’ve done very well my love, it’s almost over now. These are for you as a thank you and to welcome you to our select group, then its just one last thing before you’ve finished.” He fumbled about fastening something to the bars going through my nipples

He stood up and looked around the room, getting the attention of all the men before pulling me to my feet.

“Well, Gentlemen, does the new slave meet with our approval?” There were lots of shouts of assent, they’d all drunk a fair bit by this stage of the evening. “Then, on behalf of us all, I accept her, Jed. Carla shall take her and brand her as our slave.”

He took me and led me, all shocked and covered in semen as I was, out into the hall and called for Carla. She and Liz came out of the kitchen and took me into the treatment room.

“Shh,” Liz soothed as she cleaned me up, “Its not really a brand, they just say that to be dramatic, its only a little tattoo.”

A little tattoo? I hate tattoos and was starting to struggle and protest. At that moment James and my master came in, dressed in their trousers.

“Oh dear, I thought we may have a problem with this,” said my Master and I couldn’t believe what was happening to me as they quickly put a gag in my mouth and forced me to lie on the couch.

They held me down with vice-like grips as Carla quickly injected local anaesthetic into my pubic mound, just below my neat little landing strip. I gave in and lay very still as the needle thing buzzed away and Carla worked on me. It was a bit uncomfortable but I was too scared of her making a mess so I clenched myself up and gritted my teeth until she had finished.

When they let me go I curled up, sobbing with exhaustion and misery. How could they have tattooed “slave” on me, I would be mortified in the showers at the gym. I had let them pierce my clit and nipples and even admitted I had been wrong about that, and I’d happily let them shag me every which way they wanted and enjoyed it thoroughly, but this was too much.

The others left as my Master cradled me in his arms and soothed me, rocking me like a little child until I eventually stopped sobbing.

“Hush, Debs, it’s ok. She’s only done a tiny rose, it’ll look great when it’s all cleaned up.”


“Look.” He grabbed a mirror that Carla had got ready. “You didn’t give Carla a chance to show you or explain. All the girls have a tiny rose, just above their slit, its actually very discrete and sexy. Even you will agree when you see it properly and you are less tired.”

I looked in the mirror. It looked a bit of a bloody mess, but yes, a tiny discrete rose. I could live with that quite happily.

I sighed. “I’m sorry I made a fuss.”

“ No Debs love, we asked a lot of you tonight. I know I should have warned you about the tattoo, I’m so sorry. You were great back there, it was so horny seeing you with cum dribbling everywhere, you wouldn’t believe how turned on and proud of you I was. The real meetings aren’t just a gang-bang like that. There are usually quite a few girls and its all gentle fun, very civilised. The girls often take the lead and do what they want to as well.”

He continued to soothe me, then touched my nipples.

“I bet you didn’t see these, the state you were in. A present from us all.”

James had unscrewed the ends of the bars and fastened to each a slender curved gold band strung with a diamond that swung beneath my nipples. No wonder he had been fumbling for ages.

“Oh, they’re beautiful” I gasped.

“Like you, my love,” he replied kissing me. “Come on, I’ll take you up for a shower and tuck you up in bed. We know that we ask a lot of you at the initiation ceremony and that you didn’t know what was going to happen. Its amazing how you can be so trusting and I do so appreciate you.”

So there it is, another step deeper into my life as a submissive sex-slave. Whenever my Master chooses to take me to James’ house I have given him and the other men in our exclusive little group total control over me, no safe words remain. I have been forced to have my nipples and clit hood pierced and my pubic mound tattooed to mark me as a house slave. And am I happy? Yes, indeed I am. I’ll tell you about my first proper gathering soon if you like. Let me know if you have enjoyed reading my tale. Debs xx