Written by Debs the Slave

24 May 2007

I looked up to see the others all watching me and Carla came to kneel by my side. She leant forward until her lips met mine. We started to kiss each other and she took her Master’s cum from my mouth with her tongue as we explored each other’s mouths. It was so different kissing a woman, so much gentler and sensuous. I pushed her gently towards the sofa until she laid back on it, then knelt down in front of her parting her pussy lips with my fingers so I could lean in and run my tongue round the entrance to her pussy, flicking it over her clit and the little ring she had in her hood, just like mine. It was the first time I had ever licked out another woman before and it was just so incredibly erotic. I eased a finger inside Carla as I continued to lick and tease her clit, and then another. She was so damp and warm inside, and groaned with pleasure as I moved my fingers rhythmically inside her whilst my tongue lapped for dear life at her clit. I felt her muscles grip my fingers and tasted her juices as she came, crying out. I moved back over her and kissed her mouth so she could taste her juices and cum too.

I had by this stage worked up a bit of a thirst so my Master and Liz went to bring some drinks and nibbles. I perched on the arm of the sofa as the corset made lounging impossible, and after I’d rested a bit, James lifted me down to the floor and spread my legs wide so Liz could work on me. Just as kissing a woman was so much more gentle and sensuous, so was oral sex. How could I have not experimented with this before, I wondered, grateful I was well and truly making up for my sheltered early life now! It was amazing and beautiful.

Later James bent me over the back of the sofa and worked some lube and a tiny vibrator up my arse.

“I know how much you like this, you dirty little slave,” he told me as he slid his nicely sized cock inside my pussy and turned the vibrator up. Mmm, this was even better, as I felt the warmth building up deep inside and the waves of orgasm came rippling through me. With that lovely vibrator buzzing away I just kept on coming until I felt James come too which triggered an even deeper orgasm. I cried out even louder as I felt myself gushing and my fluids ran down my legs mingled with his cum.

Toward the end of the evening one of the other men came and fetched me. He said that watching my beautiful big arse flaring out of the corset had been driving him wild with desire and he had to spank me. He cuffed my wrists together behind my back and fastened a spreader bar between my feet before playing with my nipples and breasts. He fingered my slit and told me I was a full of cum and such a dirty slut had to be punished. He bent me over the table and stroked my arse with the riding crop then whacked me hard a couple of times.

“Oh please Sir,” I begged, “Not too hard.” I knew there were no safe words and I was at his mercy unless another man took pity on me and I didn’t even have a nice vibe on my clit to help. Luckily James turned up just then and slipped a little remote control vibrator in my cunt and turned it up so I was soon squirming with excitement. He left us then. The man carried on, alternating a couple of heavier strokes with several teasing light ones until I felt my bottom must be rosy red. He the worked some lube up my arse and started to finger my tight bum hole before pushing his cock inside me. As usual this brought me to orgasm very quickly and he also came after just a few strokes.

James must have been watching as he had turned off the vibe after I came and he and my master helped to untie me when the man had finished with me. The other man told my Master I was a great little slave. My Master said he thought so too and led me back to the big sitting room. He seemed pretty drunk and fumbled around with my corset laces, loosening them off so I could be really comfy.

“Does anyone else want to play with my slut slave before I take her upstairs?” he called out. “She’s available for one last fuck.”

Two men stepped forward so they agreed to spit-roast me. I said I had to have another drink first, for which I got a laughing slap for being cheeky but a drink too. I gulped it down in one to cheers, then obligingly knelt down ready.

Afterward I got shakily to my feet. It had all been a lot more fun than the initiation ceremony but I was tired and a bit sore and shagged out all the same, with cum dribbling down my legs and a bit on my face. I looked round for my master and saw him dozing on a chair with one of the Goth girls draped over him, also asleep. James told me to leave him and took me upstairs. To my surprise he took me into the bedroom my Master and I were using and tenderly undressed me. He took me to the shower and we washed together then he dried me, made me drink a big glass of water and took me to the bed.

I asked what was happening and he told me it had all been arranged; Jed liked the idea of sleeping with Carla and Liz and he wanted to sleep with me. I was so tired I just snuggled down happily and fell asleep.

Much, much later I was gently roused from my sleep to find James caressing my breasts. I felt him spread my legs open and he started to tease my pussy with his tongue. I was still half asleep as he entered me and although it was lovely I only moved with him in a slow sleepy way. Afterwards we both fell asleep with him still half on top of me, his now flaccid cock just outside my wet and sticky cunt.

In the morning he bought me a cup of my favourite lemon tea.

“It was so good to be able to wake in the night and make love to you,” he told me. “I’ve wanted to do that since I first had you and I knew Jed would be more than happy to take my place with Liz and Carla. Its funny,” he continued, “How we both really only want the three of you and are not much interested in the other girls, but we both like to watch you being shagged by our friends.”

“I think I know what you mean.” I struggled a bit to find the right words. “ I like to be a slut for my Master, and yes, I enjoy it, but it’s really only for him. But it’s special with you too.”

“Mmm, the five of us are going to have a lot of fun in the future” said James. “I’m so pleased that Jed’s found you and is really happy at last.”