Written by steve_here

9 Apr 2011

I had promised to pickup my girlfriend from her workplace after she had gone to the company Christmas dinner dance. They had all gone by coach and I was to meet her there at 1am. Ally had gone to the party dressed in a sexy sequinned dress that showed off her 34C boobs and nice slim size 8 body, the dress showing off her lovely long legs, which I knew would be covered with hold up stockings.

I arrived at the office just before the coach and when they all got off I saw Ally talking to one of the guys she works with, she then came over and asked if we could give Martin a lift home, "no problem I said, jump in". Ally said she would get in the back and with the car being a convertible she gave us both a lovely view of her stockinged legs and black lace thong, which just covered her pussy. Martin got in the front and directed me to his house, he told me on the way he lived on his own since he split from his wife a few months before. When we arrived at the house Martin said to us "fancy coming in for a nightcap", "would love to" said Ally, before I could say anything.

We went into Martins house and he said make your self comfortable in the lounge and he will fix us some drinks. I went and sat in the armchair and Ally sat opposite me on the sofa, giving me a lovely view of her legs and thong. Martin returned with a bottle of wine and some glasses and sat next to Ally, as we drunk the wine Ally was becoming more flirty with Martin and I must say I was enjoying the atmosphere. I asked them if they enjoyed the evening and they said it was a great night, the best bit being the dancing. Ally told me she had danced with Martin, to which Martin said it was the best bit, Ally said the slow dance was the best and they looked at each other and smiled. I asked why it was the best and Ally said because it had clearly had an effect on Martin as she could feel his cock against her when, Martin got a bit embarrassed but I said when don't you have another dance if it was that good, Ally said "yeah come on let's".

They both got up and held each other and started to slow dance, Ally commented it was having the same effect on Martin as before, I asked Ally if it was having an effect on her too…she said it was as she could feel her self getting aroused, Ally get's very wet when aroused. After a while Martin put his hands on Ally's bum and Ally moved forward and kissed him on the lips, they were soon snogging, but stopped and look at me, I said "carry on, I am enjoying the show". Slowly Martin unzipped Ally's dress as they danced and let it slip to the floor. Ally was now in her bra, thong and stockings and reached to Martins trousers and started to undo his belt and unzipped his trousers, pushing them down to release his cock, which was semi hard. He was clearly bigger than me and I saw Ally licking her lips as she took in the size of his cock. As she pushed down his trousers Ally moved down on to her knees and took hold of his now fully erect cock and started to suck on the end.....

Martin then led Ally to the sofa and sat her down, knelt in from of her and slowly removed her now soaking wet thong, as it past over her knees, she opened her legs to reveal her pink pussy lips, swollen and wet pubic hairs, showing me she was really turned on from their dance. Martin then went down on her and started to tease her clitoris, she was moaning loudly and holding his head, I could hear how wet she was from his tongue lapping her lips. She then lifted her knees and invited Martin to put his tongue in her lovely bum, Ally was moaning wildly now and playing with her clitoris as Martin teased her tight bum. After a while he got up and Ally told him to sit on the sofa, his 8 inch erect cock standing up, Ally put her legs either side and I saw her hold his cock to her wet lips and slowly slide down until he was completely in her pussy, as his cock went in and out I could see her juices on his cock, their rhythm intensified until Ally let out a scream as she reached her first orgasm.

Martin continued to thrust his cock in and out of Ally's pussy, his balls slapping against her bum. By now I had removed my clothes and was rubbing my cock, I got up and went behind Ally and started to massage her lovely tits, Ally turned around and gave me a deep kiss. My cock was now rubbing up and down Ally's bum, Ally lent forward and I offered my cock to her stretched pussy. I had never DP a girl before and I do not think Ally had ever taken two cocks at once, but I know she like he pussy stretched when I put three or four fingers in her pussy. She felt down and took hold of my cock and eased it in next to Martin's cock, we then rode her to the biggest orgasm I have ever known her to have, moment later I felt Martin's cock twitch and her filled her pussy with cum, moments later I filled her with my come too…as we both withdrew I saw Ally's stretched pussy and cum oozing out and down her legs. At that point we all collapse in a heap and began laughing at what had just occurred.

Martin looked at me and said 'you lucky bastard!', I replied ' I know!'.