Written by Harry_22

11 Feb 2014

Strange noises waking me was pretty standard when I am staying away in a hotel. I did not give it much thought at first but leapt out my skin as I rolled over to see someone sitting in the room.

My eyes focused and I realised in the dim morning light that my visitor is the receptionist from yesterday, a tiny thing about 5ft tall, she was not big breasted, but had a thin waist so that her purple polo shirt showed of what tits she had. Her hair was down now where it had been tied up last night when I saw her. In scale with her body she had her small index finger to her lips bidding me to be quiet.

She stood still for a moment and my mind raced, looking her tidy body up and down, she wore no shoes, black tights that vanished under her skirt and then the polo tee shirt. I was about to speak when she moved to the side of the bed and snaked her hand under the duvet. Her delicate hand bumped my leg so she walked her finger tips up and over, she lifts my half hard cock up and strokes it and in no time I am at full mast under the covers. It was a lovely start to the day as she trailed her finger tips once more down and around my proud shaft, I opened my legs as they wandered further down to let her have access to my balls. She cupped me and probed around and under a little, pressing on my perineum, I moaned softly for her trying to let her know I did not need the encouragement, but I put my hand on her arm, subtly urging her forwards.

There was hardly any more hint than that needed as she brought her hand back to push the duvet out the way, she tucked her hair behind an ear and leant in, putting her little mouth to my hard cock. She sunk about half straight in and I watched her clasp her fist around my base to help her gauge how much she could let in. Her finers rubbed and pushed more under my balls as she slowly pumped her face on and off me. She was moaning into my shaft now and I traced y hand down her back, running it over the taut material of her skirt. She had a pert little bum and I ran my hand all over it, finding the crease of where her legs began, the hem of her skirt helpfully had ridden up so I was straight onto the nylon of her tights. She pulled away from me and stood up, bending at the waist, she reached under her skirt and pulled her tights down. She left her skirt half way up her bum and as she leant back in to take my cock again I put my hand onto her bum cheek, half warm skin and half silky material. I felt he warmth of her snatch through the material and as she sucked me back into her mouth, I rubbed the wetness feeling the material give the shape of her pussy. A small move of my finger and I found her clit pressing firmly on it. She quivered in response and with another flick of my finger I slipped it under the material and straight into her juicy pussy. She squealed a little, issuing a muffled sound as I pushed my finger into her tight hole. I changed to my middle finger so I could return the favour, I let my fingers gently touch on the skin around and then softly settle a finger tip on her arsehole. In one easy grasp I could reach her clit still so I touched her there too. She convulsed gently on me and she gasped out around my cock.

Knowing that she had come, I eased the pressure I was applying and more caressed her as she blew me, rubbing my hand around her firm bum as well.

She seemed to stop her mouth action on me for a while and looked at me as if she was making her mind up about something.

Still without speaking, she got up and climbed onto the bed, putting her legs astride me. I guessed what was coming, but was still not ready to believe it. She finished pulling her skirt up around her waist till it looked like a thick belt. I saw the shine of her black knickers, too dark to show their wetness, but I knew it was there. I was mesmerized as I watched her lift slightly and pull the material aside. Both our parts glistened, mine with her saliva and hers with her juice. My cock stood right up and as her pussy lips kissed the tip, they parted with ease to let me in her. The heat on my helmet was staggering, but more so was the grip she had on me. She was tight, but so wet that she lowered onto me with no real pause, the only tell tale sign was the quivering of her body as she took my length deep in her. Her petite frame moved slowly up and down on me, her eyes shut as she bit on her lower lip. The pressure and sensations on my cock were amazing, I figured she knew I was close, but I felt it was only fair to warn her I was going to come.

She sat still at this news, my cock full inside her and she heaved her breath at which point I realised I was heaving too. I put my hands up to her body and she moved her arms away to let me touch her. Her chest was tightly bound in her bra under the top, the pert feeling was so fitting to her body. I rubbed her sides thinking about her cute tits underneath.

Her movement recommenced with not much warning, my cock was throbbing inside her and as soon as she lifted up I knew that I was going to come. Expecting her to pull off and away I was amazed when she plunged back down, bouncing on her knees the quick motions had my orgasm rising in me and I stifled my cries of pleasure as I pumped my spunk into her. I was acutely aware of her muscles pulling and squeezing my shaft as well and soon I was shaking and trying not to laugh as she bombarded my hypersensitive cock. She giggled mischievously as she pulled off me, her hand quickly tugging her knickers back into place.

My cock twitched in place, wads of spunk and juice shining as I watched her pull her tights back on and then slip her shoes back on. Her final move was to lean in and kiss my cock before she headed out. The door opened and there was a pause before it shut, I pictured her checking the way was clear.

I lay there for a moment wondering what had happed before I figured it was time to get up and get on with my day… with quite a bounce in my step I noticed!