Written by dorothy

14 Jul 2014

I was in my late forties when this happened. I had divorced , and had gone through a string of blokes after. I always shagged them on the first date, and broke up with them a few weeks later. I had tried all sorts, black, asian, arab, Polish, you name it. I was working as a chamber maid at a nice hotel, bad pay but the hours suited.

One morning I knocked at the door of one of the rooms I had to clean and called out room service. There was no answer so I used the pass to open the door and went in. To my surprise there was a bloke lying asleep on the bed, naked . He had the biggest penis I had ever seen. Limp it was big, erect it must have been the size of a can of fly spray.

I can tell when I go into a room if the client has been drinking, the smell is not nice. But this bloke smelled like he was freshly showered. I reckon he was in his mid fifties, and the hotel was not cheap.

I know I should have backed out of the room quietly, but I was just in a trance looking at this cock.

The bloke woke up, so I piped up like I had just come in ' room service, I did knock' . He was more embarrassed than me and put his hands over his cock to cover it. Why I did it I will never know but instead of leaving I said ' if your cock is that big when it's limp how big is it when it's hard ? ' He answered ' if you keep staring at it you'll soon know ' .

Now this is where I went a bit crazy. I just said ' OK ' and sat down on the bed beside him, looking straight at his cock. It started to swell, not much but there were definite signs. I said ' I think it might need a bit of help ' , and nipped into the bathroom. There are always a couple of bottles of body lotion in the cosmetics basket. I came back to the bed, put a blob of lotion into each palm and went to work, one hand on his balls the other on his shaft.

I have wanked off enough blokes to know what works. I was thinking of maybe slipping a finger up towards his arse, but decided against. He was laid back on the bed looking at me. I told hom ti close his eyes, he would enjoy it more. The lotion worked well, his cock was soon rock hard and every bit as huge as I thought it would be. Far too big for my mouth, but that was not going to happen. I reckon it took me well over five minutes to get him there. I can tell when a bloke is about to spurt, and he was, so I wrapped my palm round his tip and caught all the spunk in my hand. I then rubbed it all over his cock and balls, squeezing every last drip out of his pipe.

I left him there, went and washed my hands in the bathroom . I came back to the bedroom to say goodbye. He said he would be back in the hotel again next week, could he seem. I wrote my phone number on the notepad and told him he could stay at my place instead, if he liked. I also said I fancied having him fuck me. He asked if I was sure, might it not hurt. I told him I had given birth to two 8 pound babies, and was not afraid of another big head .

He did call, he did stay at my place, more than once.

Fond memories