Written by curiosity1

23 May 2011

As I pulled onto the garage forecourt I was waved into the bay by a tall young man. I drove onto the ramps and he said they had to close the shutters, as it was near closing time and they did't want anyone else turning up.I thought this was odd but agreed anyway. As the shutter finally closed another man a bit older than the first appeared. He nodded at me and smiled, he asked me if I'd like a coffee or anything else. I refused the coffee but asked "whats anything else?". He said "whatever you fancy", I replied with a grin "I dont think you serve what I want". He said "You'd be surprised". I then asked him how much the MOT would cost, he told me £40. I went to get my purse out of my bag, frantically searching I realised I must have left it at work. Panicking I told the younger guy this. He said with a wink "Dont worry love, Im sure we can work something out". I realised then what he meant, and I thought, here we go Im in for a bit of fun now.

The younger guy spoke to the older one, who looked me up and down and then nodded his head. He came over to me and asked if I was ok to pay in kind. I said "I suppose it will have to be". He led me to the back of the tyre racks and started rubbing my 38C tits through my top causing my nipples to become very erect. He moved his hands down under my skirt rubbing my fanny through my lacy knickers. I became very wet, he pulled my knickers to one side and slid a finger up my juicy hole. I gave out a sigh and he inserted another 2. Frantically finger fucking me, my juices running over his hand. He took his fingers out then licked them, then he pushed them into my mouth saying "You dirty bitch, lick my fingers clean of your juices". I did as he said. He then turned me around, bent me over the lower rack of tyres, pulled my knickers to one side again and sais "This is going to be your payment for the MOT".

With that he rammed his dick up as far as it would go, I hadn't seen it so had no idea what to expect. It was thick and long, it stretched my fannny to its limit. He pounded away at me saying "You dirty bitch, you're loving this aren't you?" All I could do was moan out loud. I could feel myself coming, just as I reached the point of no return, he pulled out. I gasped and told him to put it back in, and shoot his load deep inside me.

He said "Is that what you want, you dirty bitch?" I sais "Yes". He shoved his dick back in and shafted me a little longer and shot his load, then said "Now look what you've made me do!" He pulled his dick out turned me back round, forced me onto my knees and said "Now suck it clean". I took his dick in my mouth licked the end then the length. Tasting my juices mixed with his spunk really turned me on.

He grabbed my hair and pushed his dick further into my mouth, now my juices were really flowing. Affter about 5 mins, he pulled away, put his dick back into his trousers and walked away.

I started to adjust my clothes, as I asked "Is my car ready and was payment enough?"

He said "OH no bitch, that was only the deposit, you need to pay the balance now!"

My mind was racing over this, wondering what he meant by this. Out the corner of my eye I noticed the younger guy walking towards me, with a 9" dick in his hand......

To be continued at a later date if you want to hear more let me know