Written by Anonymous

29 Mar 2017

One weekend my wife and I organized a family holiday to wales. We found a nice cottage and booked for us, plus my wife's mum, and her cousin and niece.

It was great the first 2 days we had a look round the shops, went to the beach and had a pub meal out on Saturday night.

Sunday was our last night there and my wife wanted to take our niece to a Cinema down the road to watch the minions movie. As kids films are not really my cup of tea I managed to fane illness to get out of it. Jeanette my wife's mum wasn't that infused either and said she'd stay at the cottage as well.

The 3 of them left about 6pm for the cinema and said they would get something to eat out as well. Me and Jeanette sat watching tv for a while nattering about different things. She likes to have a drink and broke open a bottle of wine. She did offer me a glass but I don't drink so she knocked the hole thing back herself in 3 or 4 glasses.

I got a little uncomfortable cos after she had got a bit tipsy she came and sat close to me with her hand on my leg. The conversation got a bit weirder as well and she started asking about how our marriage was, and if her daughter was good in the bedroom. I was turned on but a little freaked out as well.

Jeanette is not bad for 51, she's very similar to my wife nice brunette hair and a fairly good figure. Think ide be quite pleased if in 20 years my mrs looked like her.

Finally after a few hours of weird conversation I headed to bed and Jeanette said she was gonna go as well.

The girls had a key so I locked the door and went up to bed. As I walked into the bedroom I nearly jumped out my skin. Jeanette was lay on the bed, in her dressing gown. At first I was angry and told her to get out, how could I do anything to my wife's mother in law ?

She got up off the bed and wrapped her arms around me, I knew I should push her away but I couldn't. I wanted to know what it would feel like, I was curious. Before I had time to think we were snogging passionately.

I didn't want to, I was terrified of what would happen if my wife found out but buy now my cock was bulging and I needed relief. She got down on her knees and unfastened my jeans. She told me she hadn't had a cock since her and my wife's farther divorced wich was about 10 years ago.

Slowly she sucked on my cock like a pro, massaging with her tongue. She was just as good as her daughter teasing my knob with her tongue and running her fingers over my bollocks. I felt my cock getting bigger and bigger, all I wanted was to fuck her.

After a good blowjob she took of her dressing gown off and revealed some nice pair shaped tits. I took them in my hands and caressed them. They sagged a little but were remarkably firm for a 51 year old.

Jeanette went and lay on the bed telling me I could enter her. I got in between her legs and she guided me in with her hand.

I pushed as far in as I could, my cock throbbed uncontrollably. Still to this day I can't forget that feeling, being inside the woman who gave birth to my wife.

We thrusted hard together, I felt her pussy getting wetter. Soon she rapped her legs round me just like my wife does for the final effort. I grabbed her breasts for leverage and fucked furiously, she moaned loud.

Every thrust felt even better, she screamed for me to fuck her as we went. Finally I unleashed an all mighty wave of cum into my mother in law.

We both lay there for a few minutes, there was heady smell of sweat and body fluids in the room. Jeanette cleaned of my cock saying she had to get me presentable for her daughter. We gave each other a good night kiss and she went back to her room.

The girls got back about 10pm and my wife didn't suspect a thing. As she slept next to me I thought about what had happend. The morning after was a bit awkward for the the 2 of us but soon our relationship was back to normal for a mother/son in law situation.

That was a year ago and on occasion when I do favors for her and my wife isn't around she gives me a little peck on the cheek and asks about our love life still.

I love my mother in law !!!