Written by Sunflowergirl

31 Jul 2009

... we pulled out of the layby, speeding off down the road. I was becoming excited with the anticipation of where we were going. For a good 20 or 30 mins we drove along, through a few villages then back onto open tarmac, nice sweeping bends, the bike leaning in to each corner, cruising round without losing much speed. I could see why bikers like to go out just for a ride. A few times the bike slowed, he was looking about, but then we'd pick up speed again. I wasn't sure where we were headed, or what he was trying to spot. Eventually we turned off the road down a lane, the hedge full of raspberry and blackberry bushes, semi-stripped by the birds and those folk who still make the effort to enjoy what nature has to offer. The further on we went the more overgrown the lane was looking. It didn't look like it was a frequently used route, just farm traffic at a guess. The bike gound to a halt, i craned my neck to see where we'd reached... it was the grassy verge next a gate in the hedgerow, the grass long at its base. On the other side of the gate was a field full of corn. We hopped off the bike and he gently guided me to the bolt. I slid it across, but the gate wouldn't budge, barred by the thickness and length of the grass. I nudged the bolt back into place, and clambered up and over, jumping down to land on a soft bed of young stalks. He followed me over as i prised my helmet off my face. Taking me by the hand he led me part-way into the field and leapt onto the ground, rolling around like a stunt-man flattening an area. I stood there, bemused at what i was watching. And before i could react, he had pulled me down to lie along side me. In seconds his helmet was off and his mouth was exploring mine, the kiss sending an excited shudder through my stomach. Lost in the moment, he partially undressed me and had his finger firmly on my clit. His mouth moved down to my breasts, where he started to lick and suck my nipples, which instantly became erect and rock hard. I couldn't move, i was overwhelmed by the strength of the sensations. He carried on, i was flat on my back, eyes shut. His finger slid inside me, up behind my clit and he worked away... I came within a couple of minutes, my pussy oozing juices over his fingers. He didn't stop, nibbling my nipples he continued with his fingers, smothering my clit in my juices which only made me more sensitive. This was so intense. I came again, moaning loudly, i couldn't help it. And still he continued. My body shuddering, twitching with every stroke to part of my clit, i could hardly get a proper breath in. My back arching, unable to contain my moans, i hadn't had it this intense before. In a blur my body felt like it had exploded, the feeling was incredible, every muscle tense, my whole body arched, my breath held, and just as quickly i collapsed down onto the flattened corn, breathing like i'd just done a 100m sprint, my body twitching as my clit continued to throb. It took a few moments for me to stir, he was positioned between my legs, his cock out, hard and ready. I sat up and pulled off his top, his tattoos decorating his arms. His trousers were down by his knees, low enough. I rubbed my pussy, it was all wet. My hand covered, i took his cock out of his grip, positioned it in my palm, closing my fingers around its shaft, and started to wank him towards me. He leaned over me, in doing so making me lie down again. He was perfectly placed as he bent my knees up and spread them apart. I lined him up and he slid smoothly inside me, well lubricated, to full depth. The initial pain from his length quickly turned to pleasure, not holding back with his thrusts. Faster and faster, fucking me like an animal on heat, his face starting to turn red, his breathing getting less controlled. He looked up, away from my face as he pumped away, trying to get himself as deep as he could. With each stroke my clit got squashed, it was buzzing. I could feel the intensity building within me again... no-one had made me cum 4 times in quick succession before. I started moaning and as i did, he started grunting, his body twitching. His whole torso tense, flexed over me. He let out a big groan, followed by another, and another, as he came inside me. As soon as I felt it, I came, like a trigger inside me. We both collapsed, his heavy body on top of mine. We lay there for ages, motionless, his cock still inside me. Then he rolled off, flopping onto his back, his cock slipping out with a squelch...