Written by countryman

28 Jul 2014

At work I am the only man in an office of women. Luckily I am not the boss, I pity whoever has to try to manage them . They spend all their time complaining or arguin with each other.

I am self-employed, on a contract to this company , working in their building. I am insulated from the office squabbles.

One of the ladies , Tonia, is particularly stroppy, banging on about gender inequality , male superiority , womens rights and all that jazz. The funny thing is I really like her. She is about the same age as me, not plain not pretty , not thin nor fat. Lovely complexion and thick dark hair.

At lunch time , if the weather is not awful, I go and sit in a small park opposite the building, with a sandwich and coffee from a mobile counter. Tonia does the same, so we have taken to sharing a bench and chatting. Sometimes it is tricky, trying to avoid getting her started on her pet hates. As always, chatting gets on to the subjects of love and sex. I asked Tonia about her attitude towards men and marriage. She told me she was divorced, that her husband had been a typical ' oriented pig ' that thought she was there to be used whenever he had a stiffy. She asked me about me, I answered divorced, could not put up with my wife's infidelities in the plural.

It was a Friday afternoon, the office busier and noisier than usual. There was a bit of noise coming from Tonia' cubicle, then I saw her hopping about. She had bumped into someone who was carrying a cup of coffee which had spilt down Tonia. Her blouse was completely drenched. I decided I would finish early, I can as I am my own boss.

I was sitting at a table on the terrace of a coffee bar enjoying the afternoon sunshine when I heard Tonia's voice saying ' hi, can I join you ' . I said ' please do ' . She already had a cup of coffee. Despite the sunshine she was wearing her raincoat, to cover her stained blouse she explained. We chatted away, I bought us a second coffee. She told me she lived with her sister, and that her sister's boyfriend was there so she was in no rush to get home, allowing them time alone. I asked Tonia if she would like to have dinner with me, she said she would but with her stained blouse she could not. I suggested that I cook us something at my place which was only ten minutes walk. She accepted the offer.

At my apartment Tonia was happily being nosey, looking through my CDs, DVDs and books as I set to in the kitchen . I enjoy cooking and always keep a stock of interesting ingredients. I suggested Thai prawn soup to start and a chicken biriani to follow . She was somewhat surprised , saying she expected me to offer beans on toast. She asked if I would mind if she had a quick shower, and could I lend her something to wear instead of her stained blouse. I told her to look through my wardrobe and take anything she wanted.

My flat has the advantage of a large terrace, a kind of roof garden. In fine weather it is wonderful sitting out there watching the sun set. I prepared the table out there, putting candles for the scent and the atmosphere.

When Tonia came back from her shower she was transformed. Her dark hair was wet and shiny, she was barefoot , wearing one of my shirts which came down to just above her knees . She looked stunning. I gave her a glass of wine, and said I was also going to shower, back in 5 minutes. In my bedroom I noticed her clothes folded neatly on the chair. Not only her blouse and skirt, but also her tights, bra and panties. The thought of Tonia naked under my shirt caused me an immediate erection. A cool shower dealt with that problem. I dressed in cotton chinos, no pants, a loose cotton sports shirt and loose fitting deck shoes.

Back in the kitchen the food was ready to serve. I asked Tonia if she would like to select some music, she answered that she had never heard of any of the artists in my collection. She expected me to have heavy rock , which she did not like. I have a gadget called a Brennan, onto which I have recorded all my CDs. The Brennan allows you to prepare a compilation of tracks from the CDs. I set it to play ' selection 1 ' .

Out on the terrace I served Tonia the soup, which she adored. She was very complimentary, and even more complimentary about the biriani. We ate our dessert of cool melon in the last of the evening sun. I suggested that we had coffee sitting on the lounger on the terrace. As Tonia was standing silhouetted against the setting sun the shirt, my shirt, was almost transparent. I could see the outline of her breasts and bum, and a dark triangle between her legs. My cock started to swell, embarassingly caught down in a trouser leg. She turned and saw my dilemna.

" Don't be embarrassed , I'm rather flattered " she said as she walked off into the kitchen carrying used dishes. I was able to re-adjust myself into a more dignified situation, and made the coffee.

I brought a tray out to Tonia, another glass of wine and a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

She was in a dream, listening to the soothing music and enjoying the evening air. I sat down beside her, she laid her head on my shoulder. Her scent had an instant effect, and again my cock was hardening. She saw it and smiled. She laid the flat of her hand on it, kissed my cheek softly, and said ' later , you can have it later, if you ask me to stay the night .' Which of course I did.

After finishing the coffee and the wine we were just quietly chatting, her body leaning against me. A very romantic track came on, I took Tonia' hand and pulled her up to dance. Soft music, candlelight, her warm body pressed against me, I could not resist kissing her , first her neck, then her chin , then her lips. Gently at first, then more intensely, then into a full mouth and tongue snog.

It was Tonia who broke it off, stepping towards the door and saying ' take me to bed '. As she walked across towards the bedroom she let drop the shirt, leaving me a clear view of her naked body. A firm round bum with curvy hips. As I went into the bedroom she was leaning over , pulling back the sheets. I could see her plump mound, her pussy lips in a bed of dark silky hair. She laid down, her legs wide apart, so now I could see her large breasts and dark flat nipples. I leant over to kiss her , letting my fingers explore in her slit. Every touch provoked a moan of pleasure. her nipples had hardened as I nipped them lightly with my teeth, her slit had become wet under my probing fingers. I put my head between her legs and licked on her clit. Her hands were on my head, her nails digging into my scalp. Her back was arching as my tongue penetrated into her pussy. Now she was pulling me up, guiding my cock into her vagina. Her knees were raised giving me fuller deeper access for me to thrust into her. Her moans were getting louder, she was thrusting back onto my cock, her fingernails scratching at my back. She erupted into a huge orgasm, her body jerking under me. I allowed her to settle, then slid down her body back to start again licking her now swollen clitoris. Once more she was pulling me up, pulling my cock into her pussy, letting me push harder onto her mound, harder and faster. Another orgasm swept over her. I let her relax, only for a minute, then down again into the juice filled slit. A taste of champagne and honey oozing from her. Her clit now protruding, easy to run my tongue along . Flicking it with the tip of my tongue, easing my fingers into her opening. Again she is pulling me up to give her more cock. I cannot hold back anymore, I have to cum. I have to thrust deeper into her, she is groaning with pleasure, she is having another orgasm , and I am pumping my spunk into her.

We made love, or more accurately fucked, several more times that night, each time as energetic and as loud as the last.

Saturday morning I woke up around 8.30, Tonia's body cuddled up in my arms. Her lovely round bum was pressed against my morning erection. I felt her hand ease the tip of my cock towards her slit, then just into her pussy. She was whispering to me to enjoy myself, take what I wanted. I emptied myself into her willing pussy, my hands full of her magnificent breasts. I went to go down on her, but she refused. She was too sore she said.

I asked her to stay for the day, but she said she had to go, she had arranged to meet her mother. She went and showered, asking if she could borrow a tee shirt or something to wear. When she was dressed and ready to leave I put on just trousers and shirt, cleaned my teeth, and went down with her in the lift to let her out of the building. We kissed goodbye in the lift.

As I got back to my floor, coming out of the lift, the door of the neighbouring apartment opened.

" Good morning Mr Lake " said the owner. A lady in her fifties, very elegant , always nicely groomed.

" Good morning Mrs James " I answered.

She looked at me with a strange smile on her face . " You had a very passionate night last night Mr Lake" she said.

I apologised, somewhat red faced. " I hope we did not disturb you Mrs James".

" Mr Lake, would you grant me a favour in recompense ? I would like to see the scene of the crime " she said.

My curiousity was triggered so I let her in to my flat and into the bedroom.

" I adore the aroma of sex " she said, " and seeing stained sheets . These are very wet, your friend must have been very aroused. Is she young and pretty, Mr Lake ? "

My cock had started to harden, Mrs James noticed.

" You are thinking about her, aren't you ? " she said.

To my surprise she reached out and started rubbing my erection through my trousers. Then she undid my zip, and put her warm hand in to hold my cock.

" You are ready for more, I think. Have you ever had a mature experienced woman, sex with no tabboos Mr Lake ? "

She had undone the waist button, my trousers were falling down. She pushed me back onto the bed, removed my shoes and trousers, then my shirt. She leant over and took my cock in her mouth.

" You have not washed since last night, Mr Lake. I can taste her. A healthy, clean lady . "

Between licks on my cock she was undressing herself. I was surprised to see a firm trim body, no wrinkles or folds. Dark pointy nipples, a hairless pussy, a tight small bum.

She straddled me, sitting her pussy down on to my face, her head going down onto my cock.

" Taste me, Mr Lake , put your tongue into me ".

I could feel her tongue playing with the tip of my penis.

" Don't forget my anus. Put your tongue inside. It is clean " she said.

I did as I was told and was rewarded with a moan of pleasure.

My cock was rock hard rigid from her stimulation, I was ready to cum.

She lifted off my face , then slid down so that her pussy was above my cock, her back towards me.

" I shall take my pleasure first Mr Lake, then give you yours " .

As she lowered her pussy over my cock she squeezed onto my balls, gripping them hard but causing no pain. Immediately my need to ejaculate was reduced, but my cock went harder. She rode on me, rubbing her clit with one hand, holding my balls with the other. A minute or two later her body was convulsing in orgasm .

" Now your turn, Mr Lake ".

She released my balls, slid her hand under my bum and eased a finger into my anus. I did not expect it to be so pleasureable, although at first slightly uncomfortable. Her finger was in, touching and massaging behind my balls. Her pussy was lifting and rocking on my cock in rhythm with her fingers. My cock had never been so hard or full, I exploded my spunk into her pussy, more eruptions then I can ever remember. Each touch of her finger caused another shot.

She lifted off me, leant down and took my shrinking cock in her mouth and sucked the last drops out of me.

She casually got dressed, as if nothing had happened.

" I must go now, Mr Lake. You must change the sheets and air the mattress. If you would like me to I shall come back later , in the afternoon, and we can try something new ? "

Yes please Mrs James, yes please.