Written by Mrs Twin

16 Jul 2008

Mr Twin and I were recently on a trip to New York. As it was our anniversary Mr Twin planned to take me out for a slap up meal in a fancy restaurant. But that day don\'t ask me why I was feeling particularly irritable and nothing poor Mr Twin did was right. You could put it down to jet lag and feeling hormonal. Ladies you may know what I mean that \' nothing is quite right feeling\' maybe caused by PMT that makes a woman feel horny but bitchy at the same time. Usually a good fuck helps but sometimes a girl needs something more than that. But just can\'t put her finger on it. Anyway I couldn\'t help but bitch and moan all morning long and Mr Twin being the patient man he is didn\'t really say anything. I decided to get dressed up anyway and put on my seamed nylons,black suspender belt, Agent Provacateur push up bra and a pair of scanty,lacy panties and a floaty silk chiffon dress that reveals just the right amount of decolletage. I finished the outfit of with a pair of fuck me shoes and the pearl necklace that Mr Twin had kindly given me for my anniversary present. We set out for the restaurant and I could feel the tension bulding between us. When we got there it was a bit like a scene out the Sopranos as half the men looked like gangsters and the rest looked like Wall Street city boys. The women were younger and glamorous. Halfway through our main course I said one bitchy remark too many and before I know it Mr Twin had his hand around my delicate wrist and was yanking me out of my seat. Before I had time to protest he pulled me across his lap and was roughly pulling up my floaty dress and infront of all the diners started spanking me hard. As I struggled and tried to slap his face he held me down and pulled down my lacy panties and continued to spank my bare arse. It started to sting and I could feel us both breathing hard. A hush descended on the restaurant and some of the diners stood up to have a better look and Mr Twin made sure I could see the mens faces. He continued to spank me hard and I could feel his cock stiffen as knowing all the men were watching turned him on. Even the staff had stopped serving and were all watching, some of the guys were getting hard and were touching their cocks. I could feel my pussy start to drip and I felt flushed and aroused at the same time. Suddenly Mr Twin could take no more and pushed me up and over our table, with my knickers now around my ankles and plates going everywhere and before I knew it he took his belt to me twice and then got his hard, hot cock out and thrust it into my pussy which was by now on fire. And there in front of a now very excited crowd of diners he proceeded to fuck me royally. I reached down to put my fingers on my clit and came straightaway, followed shortly by Mr Twin. We then adjusted our clothing sat back down in our seats and ordered dessert. As we ate our lemon meringue pie one of the mafia types, stopped ot our table and gave Mr Twin his card. I saw him wink at Mr Twin and knew that later on I\'d be getting another pearl necklace...