Written by Wrulf

11 Dec 2014


'Cathy, get your ass in here - now!' ordered Tim, the bitch's white and dominant husband.

'What do you want, sir?' inquired the submissive 27-year-old after she'd come into the living room from the kitchen while attired in shoes, a pair of panties and a bra.

Her husband gave her an appropriately scornful look as he stood, shoved his hand under her bra, gripped the nipple of her firm, medium-sized left udder and employed it to draw the moaning slag into the chair in front of his laptop.

'Read that,' - and Tim pointed at a message on the board of “slutwifefantasy”, an online sex-group.

'Yes, sir,' the wife murmured as she started obeying:

“Cathy, you lovely cunt,

My name's Jordan. I'm white and 22 years old.

I saw your nudes in the Photo Album of and what you wrote to this group. According to that, we live in the same UK city, though I'll shamelessly tell you that while I'm non-violent, I'm very sexist and not at all nice to pretty birds such as you. Beauty doesn't intimidate me in the least, as you'll see.

However, you mentioned you're a cum-slut needing to be completely spunk-defiled during a bukkake gang-bang.

Six of my white mates and I would be glad to oblige, on one condition: That you'll allow us to treat you like not only a slut, but a dirty whore. As far as my friends and I are concerned, females are nothing more than holes attached to pieces of meat, while all that otherwise defines them is how many cocks they service and the degree to which they're humbled, including unlimited verbal abuse.

I realize that's very debasing, as we intend it to be. But you must agree to us shredding your self-esteem any safe way we like if you want a cum-filled shagging, bitch.

Without meaning to boast, however, we're very good-looking blokes who are sure you'll salivate over our penises.

This is my phone number. Ring me immediately if you're interested in a meeting at 8 this Friday night. Don't disappoint us, cunt!

With the filthiest possible lust,


'Oh my!' Cathy whispered as she thrust her hand inside her panties, stuffed 3 fingers into her already-moist cooze and began playing with herself while feeling deliciously soiled by Jordan's disparaging note.

Tim then snarled, 'You'll have no say in the matter because you'll offer your body to the lads! Call Jordan right away!'

'Yes, sir,' his wife said as she stood and crossed the room to a desk from which she retrieved her phone before dialing the young man's number.

'Hello,' he answered.

'Yes, Jordan. This is Cathy. I just read your message, sir.'

'Jolly good to hear from you so soon. Are you ready for my friends and me to have our way with you, whore?' Jordan asked.

'Yes, sir.'

'Excellent. What's your work?' Jordan went on.

'I'm a sales representative, sir,' Cathy told him.

'Okay. Wear your finest work-clothing for us to jizz-stain,' he instructed.

'I will, sir,' the hussy purred.

'All right. This is my address. Be there by 8 this Friday night. Do you understand?' Jordan questioned the wife who assured him: 'Yes, sir.'

'Bloody good. Until then, harlot,' Jordan gruffly said.

Upon checking his address, though, Tim realized it was within walking distance through a seedy small-business area and he commanded his wife to go to Jordan's flat on foot.

And pursuant to the latter's instructions, Cathy donned nothing but a high heeled shoes and sheer, white stockings under a short, pink dress, along with a jacket of the same color before she started down the street at 7:30 that night when the sun was still up, due to the occasion being in July.

Despite her appearing respectable, it seemed that passersby could see into her tarnished soul, and she felt like a cheap strumpet as she proceeded toward Jordan's place.

Apparently sensing she was slutty, however, it wasn't long until Gerald, an older, white man, fell in beside her.

'I didn't know there are any tarts left in the Kingdom,' he sarcastically remarked as he gently slapped Cathy's fine bum, after which he pushed her against the door in a dimly-lit entranceway and continued, 'Toss-off for me, ducky. It'd be a pleasure to watch.'

'Uhhh... y-y-yes, sir,' the trollop stammered in embarrassment, after which she fiercely drove 2 fingers up her dripping vulva and began to masturbate while panting with rising heat.

'Lovely, quite. You're on the rut, aren't you?' Gerald asked in a crude tone of voice, then unzipped his trousers and started petting his dick.

'Eeeh, yes, sir!' Cathy bleated while scarcely believing what she was doing.

'Indeed, you are, ducky,' Gerald loudly muttered as his eyes disdainfully accosted her.

'Aaah!' the wife then squawked with a start upon seeing Paul, a young, also-white chap peering over Gerald's shoulder.

'Bloody 'ell! I happened on to a skank!' the former mixed a British phrase with an American term like Jordan and his mates later would.

'I'm not sure what skank means, although it must apply to this sordid tart,' Gerald said as he grunted and shot his semen onto Cathy's shoes, followed by him stowing his prick away and snorting, 'Shame on you for your public display of lewdness, bitch! - and he stalked off down the street.

'I like your display, skeezer,' Paul then used another American word, whereupon he took his cock out of his jeans, stepped forward, raked the wife's fingers from her snatch, placed the head of his pizzle in it and jerked-off.

'Right on!' he declared: 'What a spittoon for dick-spew!'

Next, he withdrew his cock from Cathy's vag, restored it to his jeans, dug a spot of sperm out of the same orifice with his finger, flicked it onto Cathy's face and laughed, 'Take that, you skeezy 'ho!'

After saying that, he, too, disappeared, while the Cathy realized she was headed into a maelstrom of denigration even before she rang Jordan's doorbell a few minutes later.

He opened it, and the slattern gasped again to see that the mid-20's boys were presenting themselves in all their naked glory, and 'glory' is proper since they were some of the most beautiful studs she'd ever met.

'So, this is the cunt you told us about?' Mark said.

'Yeah; isn't she is a spicy, little thing?' Jordan replied.

'Fuck, yeah! Look at her milk-toilets,' Daniel gave Cathy a hint of her upcoming denigration as he heaved her paps out of her dress.

'Nice, real nice,' he commented as he palmed them.

'Man, what's nice about a low-class cheater? You know, Jordan told us you're married - huh, bitch?' Nigel said.

'Yes, sir,' Cathy softly admitted.

'Shit! Obviously, your husband doesn't care how you're handled, and he shouldn't!' Nigel growled.

'For sure, although we derive a thrill from doing the nasties with adulterous pigs!' Luke jeered, then brought the slut to her knees and bashed his 10-inched prick against her pretty face.

'Bloody good! That's more like manhandling her, mate!' Jordan observed, then: 'Stand up; it's time for us to pillage your dignity, whore!'

Cathy did as told, after which Jordan grabbed her naturally dark, though light-streaked hair and towed her into his living room which he'd decorated to resemble a den.

As well, though the room was clean, it had a suitably trashy feel, accompanied by an atmosphere of exciting menace, and the vertical slit between the vamp's lush thighs started weeping for joy more than as yet.

For a few seconds, the crew rudely ogled her, until Jon demanded, 'Exactly what's on your skanky menu, dirt-bag?'

'Anything you men wish, sir,' Cathy responded.

'Wow, spoken like a true whore with absolutely no class!' Abel smirked.

'Really. But tell us you're worthless and we'll perhaps hoist you on our spears,' Jon said, then jabbed his 9-inched prick toward her while fondling it.

'Yes, sir, I'm worthless,' Cathy again moaned.

'Yeah, you are, and unworthy of a royal screwing, aren't you?' Luke continued in a vulgar manner.

'Yes, sir. But I need your cocks so badly - please?' the wife begged.

'You horny vixen!' Daniel scoffed.

'Vixen? That's too flattering for such a filthy bitch, hot as she is!' Nigel grumbled.

'Come, now, let's pity the minx!' Luke mirthfully added as lowered Cathy to her back on the floor and shunted his 9-inched cock full-on into her throat.

'You're unworthy to suck my dick, so I'm going to ream your stupid face!' he coarsely said.

'Hell, stupid's only as good as stupid does!' Jon chortled as he stretched-out above Cathy's gooey loins and harshly staked a claim in her muff with his 8-inched pecker.

'Ummm, ummm!' she delightedly mumbled as he began pounding her.

'Awesome! That's royal mandhandling if I've ever seen it!' Nigel said.

'Yeah! Atta boy! Make her take it like a dog!' Mark urged.

About then, Luke slid his prick from Cathy's oral pit and spilled his seed onto her dress-front, following that by smacking her boobs onto which he next urinated a little, to punctuate them as 'milk-toilets.'

'Isn't that flattering!' he taunted the wife before he moved aside to let Mark impale her mouth with his 11-inched cock.

Soon, though, Jon dismounted the sexy tramp and wanked his load onto her jacket.

Next, Abel rolled her on her left side and rammed his 10-inched piston into her bowels while she unleashed a muffled yelp.

'Fucking dirty, filthy, no-good whore!' he shouted, then bellowed 'uggggh!' as he hurled his prick as deeply into her dung-vagina as he could.

Inflamed beyond control, Cathy took her mouth off Mark's prick and climaxed while screaming, 'Oooh, myyy gaaawwwd, yes, yess, yessss!'

'Blood 'o christ, the slut sounds like a pipe organ, chaps!' Abel crowed, then hand-assaulted her arse.

On and on for a tad more than an hour, however, the hunks twisted Cathy into every obscene position she'd ever imagined while they kept pummeling her orifices.

It'd been a least a month since she'd been so relentlessly batted around, though she had a string of convulsive orgasms until she felt exhausted.

Still, there was no mercy for the weary, because once all the guys had had her one time, they went round about with more rutting.

Meanwhile, they continued pouring their spunk onto her clothing, until it was slick with cock-slop by the time the orgy ended 2 hours later...

… and then, well, they humbled the slag by pissing on her to her dismay while they laughed at her.

Nevertheless, Cathy learned why Jordan had labeled her a harlot, because the guys next removed an 'unholy trinity' of 1-pound notes apiece from their jeans-pockets, threw them at her and told her to collect her ill-gotten gains before commanding the 'muck-doll' to leave - while Tim was immensely gratified by what he heard about the bukkake once she'd walked home.

And though the slut was self-deprecating enough to adore what'd been done to her, the old saying goes, 'be careful what you ask for' - right? Bloody right, mate!

The End