Written by Michelle R

29 Dec 2012

I had always a little fancy for D....., he was 7 years younger than me and tanned and toned from his gym routine, on nights out no matter how many people were in the club i was made to feel like i was the only person on the planet , nights out with him were always a bawdy erotic affair plenty of groping fondling and snogging that led to nowhere as he didn't want to risk my marriage,

On the eve of our last night out there was plenty of sexting and the sexual tension was incredible so much so that when we met for a light meal before going up town that when he kissed my cheek it was electric i tingled all over and my nipples were poking through my dress i wanted to fuck him on the table there and then regardless of the other diners, the night went well dancing touching and fondling on the dance floor as we headed back to the bar it took forever as we kissed, once there we ordered our drinks and leaned against the pillar as we drank laughed and snogged, it was so busy we were packed like sardines and no one could see below shoulder height just as well as he was stroking my pussy through my panties soon enough i could feel his fingers moving my thong aside and and gasped as he started to finger my moist welcoming pussy, the line form flirty sexual innuendo type of friendship had well and truly been crossed as he finger fucked me like a cheap tart in the nightclub not even hubby got to do that and i was loving every minute of the experience,

I had had enough and took his hand and we headed back to his but my need was to much and i pushed him against a parked mpv, i was kissing him greedily as i freed his cock and discarded my thong and slide my moist pussy down his shaft he was as horny as me and didn't last very long, i left my thong were i dropped it and headed to the taxi rank with his cum leaking down my legs the sentle summer breeze caressing and teasing my tingly cum filled hole, once back at his we stripped and kissed as we made our way to the recliner sofa, his impatience for more was insatiable and he roughly pushed me down on his sofa and he was quickly on top and in me as he fucked me hard and energetically orgasm rolled into orgasm and i was begging him for more when he finally came again,

The feel of his 8 inch cock was fantastic compared to hubbies 5 incher which i still lover the feel of but this was just better, we went through to the bedroom and made love more tenderly for an hour or so and i just loved his tender touch and we explored each others sexual techniques some more, it had gone 4 am and it was time to head home, as i got into bed i snuggled in to hubby and got another little kick as i leaked some of my lovers cum onto the back of his thighs, we have met since and he even stood by nervously as we took a pregnancy test which showed negative and it was met with both relief and dissapointment from me, maybe next time xx