Written by iamsilence

3 Mar 2010

I'm lying on the bed, with you on your knees above me, your pussy inches from my face, my cock close to yours, but I'm fully clothed. My sexual tension can only grow, without finding release. The other man fucks you relentlessly from behind, and I watch from below, as his cock drives in and out of your slick pussy. I strain my arms, trying to touch you, but the ropes holding them to the bed are too tight, too well tied. All I can do is watch, and on the odd occasion, by straining my neck, I'm able to place a quick lick on your clit. It's a strain, though, and it causes the other mans balls to slap into my forehead, so most of the time, all I can do is watch.

Every now and again it pleases you to pull the mans cock out of your pussy, and to present his balls to me. I'm not allowed to touch his shaft, but I clean his sweaty balls with my tongue, tasting both you and him upon them. I suck first one, then the other ball into my mouth, before you pull them away from me, and push the rock hard cock back into your pussy. You give my trouser clad cock a squeeze, confirming that I'm enjoying the degradation you force upon me, and just that little squeeze is almost enough to throw me over the edge.

Eventually, the strokes of the cock become erratic and forceful, and he buries his long, hard knob all the way to the hilt inside you. You both groan as he fills you with his cum, and I know it's almost time for my real part in the show.

I watch as he slowly withdraws his spent cock, glistening with your juices and his cum. You smile down at me from between your swinging breasts, and I know that this is what I am here for. I am here to be used. To clean his jizz from your well used pussy. You squeeze abd clench your well trained pussy walls, and most of his spunk is pushed out, dropping from your pussy to my waiting mouth. I swallow, tasting both him and you. You smile again, and lower your pussy to my waiting mouth. I begin to lick your cunt in earnest, but it's not long before that is inefficient for you. You start to hump my face, using my nose and chin to pleasure yourself. As your movements tip you over the edge, and you scream on top of me, your full weight falls upon me, cutting off my air. At the same time, the contractions brought on by your orgasm squeeze out the final large deposit of jizzum, which falls into my open mouth. I swallow it as you fall off me, gasping for air, and with a face covered in spunk, both male and female.

You kiss me gently on the lips, let me know I've done a good job, but when I asked to be untied, you shake your head, and direct my gaze to the side of the bed, where the man stands, his cock reenergised, and standing stiffly out from his body. It seems we're ready for round two...