Written by iamsilence

29 Mar 2010

*Note: This story follows directly from http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/stories/story-59541.html, which should be read first*

You untie my hands from the bed, but the release of freedom is all too brief, as they are shackled again behind my back. From the side of the bed you produce a blindfold, and cut off my vision as well. Am I led to the foot of the bed, and guiding hands on my shoulders push me to my knees. You kneel down beside me, and I feel your warm breath on my ear, as you begin to whisper:

"I saw the way you looked at that hard, stiff cock. You wanted it didn't you? You wanted it between your lips. You wanted to kiss it, and lick it, and taste it, and make love to it with your mouth, didn't you?"

I'm speechless. In one single glance you've understood all my thoughts. How much I've wanted to suck a cock, how long I've fantasised about it. I can't speak to reply. I'm too nervous. Almost imperceptibly, I manage a small nod.

"You've been a good boy, but I'm not sure you've been good enough. I'm going to get myself ready for what I have planned next, but while you wait, you're not going to get to make love to that cock. That cock is going to use you, rape your mouth, instead."

You place a kiss on my ear lobe and move away, and I sense the man move in front of me. He feels the need to degrade me further, and slaps me on the cheeks a few times with the girth of his dick, then uses the head to trace a line around my face. I can feel a moistness on my face where his precum and spendings from the previous session are deposited. Eventually the dickhead rests upon my lips, and I open them. The cock pushes between my lips and my carefully shielded teeth. All the times I've practiced at home with a dildo, all those years of suppressed longing have come down to this, and the difference is indescribable. The warmth, the taste, and most of all, a simple life within the dick are so much more than I've ever imagined. On his command, I flick my tongue across his swollen glands, and lick the sweet precum from the slit. He soon grows tired of this, though, and starts to saw his cock in and out. Pretty soon I'm glad of all that practice, as he enormous cock pushes further and further into my mouth with each stroke. A quick adjustment of my head angle, and a deep sense of pride washes over me as he pops through my throat. He fucks my mouth relentlessly for a minute or two, withdrawing until just the cock head is behind my lips, then driving all nine inches down my throat.

On a command from you though, he withdraws, and as I moan in disappointment, my tongue follows the departing member, trying to get one last taste. You tell him to remove my blindfold, and as I blink into the light, I see you. You're wearing a black Basque, with shiny thigh high boots over fishnet stockings. The effect is breath taking, but it's the object in your hand that draws most of my attention. I watch as you slip one end of the strap on cock into your pussy, and fasten the belt around your waist. Your very own purple cock stands proudly out from your body, as long as the real one so recently in my throat, but ever so slightly thinner. A small smile plays across your lips as you dole out commands, and the man lifts me to my feet, removes my precum soaked trousers, and with my arms still tied behind my back, bends me over the edge of the bed.

You step behind me, and I feel your lubed fingers slipping inside me, preparing me. After a few seconds you withdraw them, and in their place I feel the head of your rubber phallus. You start to press it into me, and as I open up and slowly accept every inch, you tell me how you're going to fuck me till I can't breathe, can't think, can’t feel anything but your utter dominance. Eventually, I feel your thighs pressed against mine, and I know I've taken every inch.

You don't start fucking yet though, but rather lean over me, your tits pressing firmly into my back. I glance back over my shoulder, and see the man sliding his thick cock into your own arse, until he too is buried to the hilt. As he starts to fuck you, you do the same to me, withdrawing as he pulls from you, until he slams back into you, forcing you to bury your cock within me. In this way, the man fucks me through you, and as a rhythm develop, your moans deepen, your movements become more erratic, and your orgasm builds. With the cock deep in your arse, the other head of the strap on ricking in your cunt, and the end of the dildo buried in me rubbing on your clit, you explode in a wailing cacophony of orgasm. It doesn't stop, though. The man in your arse keeps fucking relentlessly, forcing you to fuck me, and your orgasm continues to build and build until you can't even scream anymore.

As it eventually subsides, and the man approaches his orgasm, you utter another command, and he pulls out of you. He moves around the bed, kneels in front of me, and grabs my hair, lifting my face to him. He punches his filthy cock into my mouth, fucks my mouth a few times, and moans as the first jets of cum squirt down my throat. He pulls out, spraying the remaining jizz all over my face. The sight makes you orgasm again as you fuck my arse, and as the head of the rubber cock rubs on my prostrate, my own enjoyment goes. I try desperately to hold back, until you tell me I can come. The release is enormous. Without ever having touched my cock, I explode in the most intense orgasm I've ever felt, into your cupped hand. You catch it all, and feed it to me, making me clean your dirty hand.

As my orgasm dies, your strokes slow, until you pull out of me, and flop down on the bed next to me, and the dozing man. You lean over to me, and place a kiss on my lips, and you smile when you see the look of contentment on my face.