Written by Angela

24 Nov 2007

Our firm had taken two places at the industry association annual dinner. I was going with Mike, who was the owner of the firm. My husband wasn’t completely happy about it because he knew that Mike had a soft spot for me. He was also less than happy when he saw the dress I’d chosen to wear for the evening.

The thing he was most unhappy about is that the dress is very low at the back and it’s impossible to wear a bra with it, and on the previous occasions I’ve worn this particular dress, because it’s made of very thin fabric and clings quite snugly around my hips, I’ve not worn any knickers either. He was resigned to the fact that I’d be braless, but he asked me if I would wear knickers. We argued for a short time and in the end he stormed off in a huff when I refused. I finished getting ready and left the house without saying goodbye.

The dinner went well and we made our way to the bar for a few more drinks. As we walked through the reception and to the bar, Mike placed his hand on my hip as he let me go ahead of him. By the way he moved his hand, I think it was then he discovered I wasn’t wearing any knickers. From that moment everything was different. I could feel the increase in sexual tension between us and from then on, in my mind, it was inevitable that we would end up in bed that night.

We entered his room and without speaking a word we started to kiss. His hands were all over me and he was obviously fascinated by my braless tits and soon had one of my boobs out of my dress and was massaging it and playing with my nipple. His hands moved up and down my bare back and he worked his fingers down inside the back of my dress and as if he just had to confirm my lack of underwear, he placed his hand to where my knickers would have been had I been wearing any. I could feel his hardness pressing against me and he trembled slightly as he moved his hand round to the front and placed it on my fanny. I parted my legs slightly and he responded by moving his fingers so they touched the swollen lips through the fabric of my dress.

I stepped back from him and undid the tie at the back of my neck. This was the only thing keeping the dress on and once I’d pushed it down off my hips I stood naked, except for my high heeled strappy shoes, in front of him. I reached out and took hold of his hard dick through his trousers and was delighted to feel its size. It was enormous, long and thick with a massive bell-end. As we started to kiss again, I pulled his belt open and undid his trousers and I soon had his monster of a dick out in the open and in my hand. It was so large that I could hardly get my hand around it and it was as hard as any dick I’d ever felt.

He guided me to the bed and I sat down, he pushed me back and knelt on the floor between my open legs. Without a word he buried his head in my smoothly shaven fanny and licked me out like I’ve never experienced before. It took no more than a few seconds before I had my first orgasm and it was quickly followed by a second and a third. Suddenly he lifted his head and moved up my body kissing me and sucking on my nipples before he plunged his tongue into my mouth. I could taste my own juices on him as I returned his kisses.

I lay still as I felt his dick pushing on the entrance to my tender, twitching fanny and gasped as the enormous bell-end stretched my wide open; the sensation of his thick shaft sliding into me brought me to yet another orgasm. His dick felt massive and he was soon stroking its whole length in and out of me. Within a few seconds we had our rhythm and he was pounding his cock into me like a machine and I was responding with my hip movements. Gripping and releasing him and making sure I got the maximum pleasure from this dick. I raised my legs in the air and opened them as wide as I could to make certain I got the maximum penetration; this seemed to spur him on and he fucked me harder and faster than ever. I could feel his balls crashing against my arse and my braless tits were bouncing as he fucked me. He was a powerful man and I could do little more than lie back and enjoy the fuck of a lifetime. He wasn’t a subtle or considerate lover but he continued to hammer his meat into me and that was all I wanted.

I was a little worried about him coming inside me because I would eventually have to go home and all I had was a flimsy dress and as I had no underwear with me I was concerned that his cum would running out of me and ruin my dress. But I’d never been fucked like this before and just didn’t want it to stop. All too soon he increased the speed and power of his banging and I felt him jerk his load into me.

He lay in my arms for a time as I felt his dick soften inside me. I winced slightly as he withdrew and I could already feel his cum running between my legs and round to my bum hole. It was a problem, but I didn’t really care at that moment. I’d just had my brains fucked out by my boss and I wasn’t complaining.