Written by Leonora27

28 Nov 2014

Most of the stories on here seem to be written by men....I wonder why? Anyway, I thought you might enjoy reading about my favourite fantasy.....

I have only lately discovered how much I enjoy sex, thanks to my wonderful partner, who tells me how sexy and desirable I am. I have very responsive 38DD breasts, with nipples that instantly harden with the slightest suggestion - they are doing so now......My partner has also told me how much he would like to see me being fucked by other men, and I have discovered that I get extremely turned on by doing whatever he wants me to - a win win situation all round?

So, I can imagine being in an extremely nice four star hotel, and having a few drinks with my partner in the bar. At the next table to us are two or three men who have been out for a business dinner. We start talking to them, and they are obviously attracted by my vivaciousness, green eyes, and the cleavage! We find it very easy to ask them if they want to come and have a nightcap in our room with us, even though I feel very nervous and wondering what on earth is going to happen. When we get to our room, my partner opens a bottle of champagne, and we all sit down. Then he says to me, "Now, these gentlemen are our guests, and so I expect you to be friendly and hospitable to them, do you understand what I am saying?" And so I nodded.....(going into the past tense...). He asked me to unbutton my top, and my breasts pushed their way out. He came behind me and undid my bra, holding my arms against my side so that I couldn't cover my breasts as I wanted to. "Gentlemen, do have a good look at Leonora's breasts. Would you like to see how responsive they are? Look at how her nipples can't wait for you to touch them.......do take one each, and play with them as you will......"

So the two who each had a breast in their hands first of all traced a pattern around the nipple, and then they played with me.....one of them was very gentle, but the other one tweaked it, and then pulled it towards his mouth......he bent his head down and took my nipple into his mouth and bit it, not too hard but enough for me to gasp out loud. I couldn't help arching my back and feeling an instant connection in my pussy. After that, things progressed very quickly! They led me to the bed, unzipping my long evening dress on the way and pulling it off. I lay on the bed and the rest of my clothes were removed as well, and then they decided to restrain me with my tights, by tying my feet and hands to the bedposts......and then they tied a scarf around my eyes. I felt so vulnerable and exposed, but so excited as well......I could feel great waves of desire going through my body, but mostly from my breasts down to my pussy. I could hear them laughing and talking about what they wanted to do, and my partner kissed my mouth and said, "You are so beautiful.....this is going to be wonderful for both of us".

I think that is enough for my first time! Would you like to read some more?!