Written by Leonora27

30 Nov 2014

“You what?!” I spun round and felt the blood drain from my face……what had started as a blissful reunion after S had been away on business for ten days suddenly seemed to be turning into a nightmare……but I could feel a small sensation growing inside me……

S had just told me that on the long flight home from the States, he had been sitting next to a man who he had got on with very well….they started talking during dinner, and then carried on, taking advantage of the constant supply of champagne and wine. They had exchanged stories of their respective domestic lives, and whilst S had painted a glowing picture of the wonderful relationship that we have, the travelling that we do together, and the many experiences that we share……the other man had told him how lucky he was, as he and his wife hardly communicated and obviously had no sort of sex life at all. Anyway, to cut a long story short, by the time that the booze had caught up with them both, Paul had asked him if he had any photos of me…..so he had first of all shown him some of the usual holiday snaps, and then had shown him the selfie that I had emailed to him just before he came home……my 38DD breasts, bare but adorned with my favourite nipple clamps…..I’m rather proud of it, if I’m honest, as it seems to be a statement of my new life, after bringing up four children and a very mutual divorce.

“I couldn’t help it, and he was understandably very impressed and excited by it, too,” he said, pulling me to him, and feeling the outline of my breasts under my silk shirt.

“But I need to tell you one more thing as well……we are going out to lunch with him in an hour, at his hotel, and then…..well, I have decided to agree to something that he asked me, just before we landed. He was very jealous of me, having you, and we talked about what we do and the games we play! I told him about how I like to be in charge totally, and how you get very aroused by doing whatever I want you to do……so when he asked me if I really meant “whatever”, and I agreed, he asked me if he could borrow you for the afternoon! I had told him that one of our role play situations is with you being a very high-class hooker, and he said that in that case, he would like to book you for two hours after lunch. What do you think?”

I was incapable of answering at that point. I was absolutely aghast on so many levels: that my lover and soulmate had talked about me in such detail to a stranger, and had shown him an intimate photo……that they had discussed our sex life, and that S had told him how aroused I am by being dominated by him to the point of doing whatever he wants me to do…..but then I also had this feeling of excitement in my pussy, thinking about meeting a stranger and being used by him for two hours……and most of all, doing it because S had told me to do it. It is true, I have thought about being a hooker……but it would have to be on a very high level……

So, one hour later, we were in a taxi on our way to Paul’s hotel in central London. I was horribly nervous, but I had managed to get dressed: long black stockings and suspenders, of course, and my favourite French silk knickers…..a bra that showed my best assets off to perfection, and then a cream silk shirt and black silk trousers…..cream pearls round my neck and in my ears. Just as we had left the flat, S had stuffed something into his pocket but wouldn’t tell me what it was.

We had a very good lunch, though I didn’t eat much….two glasses of champagne helped a bit, plus the fact that Paul was extremely good-looking. Over six feet, with beautiful blue eyes and silver hair…… We didn’t talk much about what was going to come, except that he told me that he was so pleased to have me there. “S talked about you non-stop on the plane,” he said, “so it is especially good to see that everything he said was true.”

When we had finished lunch, Paul rose to his feet and suggested that we went upstairs to his room. In the lift, we were all silent, with an atmosphere of charged tension between us.

Once we were in Paul’s suite, S took my by the hand. “OK, Paul, now as agreed, I am going to leave Leonora here with you for a couple of hours. But I think before I go, that you had better inspect what you are going to get, and make sure that it meets with your approval.”

I started to struggle slightly, as I felt sick inside…..but S took both of my hands in one of his and looked me in the eyes. “Stop it, please! You know that this is what I want you to do, and remember that it is a very fine line between anxiety and anticipation! You will do this for me, and I will be back in no time at all……”

He still had my hands in his one hand, and with the other he undid the buttons of my silk shirt, and pulled it open…..and then he reached round the back and did his usual trick of unfastening my bra with one hand. My breasts pulled themselves free and spilled out of my bra, their heavy weight bringing them forwards. Paul gazed on them and then took one of my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it quite hard. I gasped at his touch – and my pussy gave me a warning of what was coming. Then Paul undid my trousers and let them fall to the floor. He ran his fingers down my leg and let them slide underneath my French knickers. And then he smiled…. “I have never had anything like this even in the days when my wife and I still slept together,” he said.

Paul and S agreed that I should be restrained on the bed in the next room, and led me there. I wasn’t protesting very much – just trying to pretend that I really was a hooker, and that this was my job. They took my shirt and bra off, and tied my hands to the bedpost. Then they pulled my knickers off, let me keep my stockings and suspenders on, but then they spread-eagled my legs and tied those to the foot of the bed. Paul picked up something from the bedside table, and laughed. “I hoped I might find a use for this,” he said, as he covered my eyes with the sleep mask that he’d been given on the flight. I heard a different noise, and then something cold brushed on my skin. “I’ve brought these as you asked me to!” S said, and clipped the nipple clamps on to my stiff nipples. The instant pain, but surge of desire that washed through me!

S bent down and kissed me and I heard the door open and then shut. Then there was silence, but I could feel that Paul was close by. Then I heard the sound of his trousers being unzipped, and his clothes all coming off.

“God, Leonora, you are so beautiful,” he said, “and I am going to make full use of this two hours”.

He tweaked the chain of the nipple clamps, and I gasped, and arched my back. The pain was already beginning to get to me, and I think he realized that as he unclipped them, and tossed them on to the floor. Then I felt him climb on to the bed, and on top of me. He sat astride my chest, and first of all he took a nipple in each hand. He twisted them, not unkindly, but then he bent his head down and took one in his mouth. He sucked it hard, and I felt myself arching my back and drawing myself up to meet him. He played with my breasts for a while…..first one, then the other, pulling the nipples up so that they felt as if I was going to be lifted off the bed, and then twisting and tweaking them until the pain shot through me. Then he moved closer to my mouth, and I felt his stiff cock against my lips. I licked it, and it felt very good. Then I opened my mouth and started to take his cock into it……it felt so firm, so rigid, and so good……he moaned very slightly….”Leonora, you can’t imagine how long it has been since anyone did this for me,” he said…….I couldn’t answer, obviously, so I tried to show him how much I was enjoying it……feeling his cock fill my mouth, and feeling my tongue going round it, and his cock growing harder than ever. I don’t know how long we were like that for, but my body was growing impatient…..and I think he realized, as he laughed, and then I felt him lift himself off me. There was a brief pause, and then I felt his hands running down my body. I couldn’t keep still….I wanted him to use my pussy so badly…..luckily he seemed able to read my mind, as first he put one finger inside the lips of my pussy, tentatively, and then more strongly….and then another finger, and then another. “Please undo my legs at least!” I cried, as my body was driving me wild and I wanted to move….and so he did, and instantly I drew my legs up and tried to get him to fuck me. “Hold on, young lady, I’m not quite ready!” And he carried on teasing me with his fingers, but I could feel that I was so wet and ready for him.

Finally, he untied my hands, and turned me over on to my front. He gave me a sharp smack on my arse, and I gasped. “Oh, S told me that he has done that to you too as well,” he chuckled. “He said that it is very satisfying to see the red marks on your cheeks – let’s check that out!”. And he delivered about ten more slaps, and then rubbed my cheeks…..

Then he made me get on to my hands and knees, and he pushed his rigid, stiff cock into my pussy. I gasped…..it felt so good…. “I am not going to last very long, Leonora,” he said, “as it has been far too long since I did this”. But it didn’t matter, as I could feel that any second now, I would be unable to wait any longer. I dug my nails into the sheet, and just gave in to the enormous wafts of pleasure washing over me, and I screamed……

….and then I felt his spunk oozing down my leg, and I rolled on to one side and pulled the face mask off….and saw S, sitting in the chair by the bed and laughing at me! “I told you that you’d have a good time,” he said, and, switching it off, passed Paul’s camcorder back to him.

So, the day turned out much better than it had started…especially as when I was leaving Paul’s room, he pushed a roll of bank notes down the top of my bra. “I’d hate you to think that I’d forgotten to pay!”