Written by Ken

29 Dec 2008

I am 19 years old, female and have always been a bit of a loner. Up to last week I was still a virgin. No man had ever touched me, and I had never touched a man not even a kiss. Partly my own fault I suppose as I never went to pubs or clubs where perhaps I might meet someone. This all changed last week. I was at the local library and was getting some books down on the Lake District. Unfortunately I dropped some, which made a loud noise I sure did blush. Someone came over to me and helped put them on the table. I sat down, looked at the person who had helped me to thank him. He was good looking and perhaps five years older than myself.

He obviously had experience with chatting to people. He had noticed the books I was interested in and told me he had been there a few times and had some videos on the district, which he had taken. We, or rather he talked for quite a while. He seemed very nice and eventually convinced me to come back to his place to view the videos.

Back at the flat he showed me the videos he had taken. He went to make some coffee, I being nosey had a look at his collection of DVD’s some of them were porn. He came back in the room and caught me with one in my hand. I immediately blushed, he sat me down and asked why my face was so red, and he wanted to know if it upset me that much. I explained my lack of experience in that department. He didn’t offer to show me the DVD’s as he said they might be a bit too much for me, as they were very explicit. I appreciated that thought. We talked for a while about various things and he spoke about sex, although I felt a bit excited I wasn’t sure whether or not I could go all the way. He leaned over and kissed me. I must admit I felt a bit of a thrill,

He moved his hand up and felt my breast. I put my hand on his and said I am not sure about this, as I was still a virgin. He told me to relax for a while and if I seriously wanted to stop he would respect my wishes. After a few minutes I think my breathing getting heavier sent him a signal that I was reaching the point of no return. He stood me up put his arms around me and kissed me passionately. I put my arms around him he moved his arms down to my bottom and pulled me against him. I could feel his hardness. He looked me in the eye and I looked back and pressed myself to his body so that he would know it was all right to carry on.

Standing back he took my jumper off he took his shirt off and pulled me towards him he’s hands moved around my back and undid my bra, he drew away and let it drop to the floor. This was my first time showing my tits to a man, Steve fondled them gently sucked and kissed my nipples, which were standing out. It made me very excited I could feel myself getting moist between my legs. He asked if I wanted to feel him, I said no not yet you just carry on with what you are doing. He turned me around and then undid my skirt. Which dropped to the floor. I could hear him removing his own jeans, my knickers was then gently pulled down and he brought his body in against mine. He’s hands cupped my breasts and I could feel his cock between the cheeks of my bottom.

He asked me to spread my legs and his fingers moved down between my legs, his fingers rubbed between my slit. Soon I was getting very excited I bent over and put my hands on the sofa then I could feel his cock rubbing between my slit. He lined it up and was about to enter me when I told him I was scared. I stood up he turned me around and said not to worry. I looked down and had my first look at a cock, and it looked big. He laid me on the floor and knelt beside me. Hands moved down my body stopping between my legs and rubbing my clitoris. He asked me to feel his cock I was a bit apprehensive but put my hand around it, he said it was a lovely feeling so I wanked him a bit. He then knelt between my legs. At first he kissed me and slowly moved his mouth down my body. His tongue found my slit and soon he was rubbing it up and down around my clitoris. I was almost screaming out with the pleasure. He lifted himself up and lay on top of me. he put his hand down held his cock and rubbed the head between my slit. He soon lined it up at the entrance looked at me and asked if I wanted his cock inside. I said oh yes-just take it slowly. He gently pushed it in I could feel it entering it hurt a bit but soon it was all the way in. He started to fuck me but it hurt a little bit so Steve got us both to lay on our sides I put my leg over his. We stayed in that position for ages I could feel his cock was really hard. He put his hand down and fingered me. Soon I was the one moving in and out on his cock. He turned on his back and put his hands around my arse and we both fucked each other. I came just before him. But soon he was spurting all his cum inside me.

As a first experience it was brilliant. Steve was so gentle.