Written by K Crouch

8 Apr 2008

I was nineteen at the time and my first proper girlfriend was twenty. We had not been going out for long but got on very well together. We were kissing and cuddling one night when I am afraid I got a bit over excited. This was my first time being so close to a girl and I am afraid I got a bit over excited. My cock was rock hard and I was too eager to touch her tits. Sue had to tell me to slow down. I admitted then that I had never had a sexual experience and I was so eager to touch her and for her to touch me.

She asked me to take her upstairs and we lay on the bed together facing each other. We kissed I placed my hand around her arse and drew her against me, I was told to relax and do nothing. That I was to leave it all to her. I was asked to lie on my back and I could feel her hand go under my shirt. Her hand moved down and I could feel her undoing the belt of my jeans. The zipper was pulled down and soon she was holding my cock in her hand I lay there thinking how wonderful the feeling was. Sue got up and pilled my jeans down and took my shirt off leaving me totally naked.

I watched as her hand then moved up my thigh my balls were cupped and then her hand was moving up and down my cock. She wanked me very gently but I was so excited that I shot my load almost immediately. It was a terrific feeling but I was so embarrassed in cumming so quickly. But Sue was very understanding saying she was delighted to be the first one to bring me off, saying she had never seen so much spunk shooting out of a cock before. I cleaned myself up and lay alongside Sue again. She told me I would soon be hard again and she was looking forward to having my virgin cock inside her. I could feel a stirring down below, sitting up she removed her Blouse and bra letting me see her tits. You see she said I told you your cock would soon rise to the occasion. This time she said I would be able to last a bit longer.

Soon she was completely naked. Sue lay down with her legs slightly spread. I felt her tits and rubbed my tongue over her nipples my hand soon moved down between her legs and I had my first feel of a woman’s pussy. I moved my fingers between her slit and felt inside her she guided me and told me what was most pleasurable for her. She was soon panting and said she wanted my cock inside her. I was made to the end of the bed and she moved down until her arse was just overhanging the bed. I stood between her legs and she wrapped her legs around my arse her hand came down and guided my cock into her I gently pushed it in savouring every second of the wonderful feeling as it slowly slipped into her. She was right about being able to last longer, I was able to fuck her and watch as my cock slid in and out I was able to touch her clitoris at the same time. Pretty soon we were both on the verge of cumming fortunately Sue came first I then proceeded to shaft her until I shot my load inside her. When it was over we cleaned each other up and cuddled each other in the bed. I was so grateful for such a wonderful experience, she was a great teacher.