Written by pompey99

14 Feb 2012

This is a work of fiction.Some real people places thrown in.

My wife Fran and I are both 51 we are enjoying the empty nest syndrome, we both work me nights any 5 from 7 and her double days mon-fri.As we now have the house to ourselvese we have started getting naked all over the house and talking about our respective fantasies. Mine revolve around watching her having sex with other men hers are about being watched and possibly having sex with another woman.

I have managed to convince her to strip on cam in a room which she really enjoyed she is size 10-12 34dd. I bought her a thick 7" dildo which she also liked a few weeks later on a wednesday after her early shift she came home feeling very randy so we chatted and she wanted to show off again so i convinced her to get her sexy gear on shaved her legs and fanny for her then got her dildo. I opened her a room on here then went into a few others with the message fran wants to show off. It didn't take long for people to filter into the room we put the cam straight on we chatted showing only our torso's then when we had 40 or so viewers i got fran to do a strip all the way till she stood with her mature shaved pussy in front of the cam she then came and sat legs apart and used her dildo for 64 viewers.

After repeated messages not to whisper i finally looked at one from a man who i'd clicked off at least a dozen times. The message was "we are very close would love to chat". After Fran had come the site kicked us as it sometimes does. We logged back in and found the chap we got a private room and we chatted to both of us on cam. They were Ross and Jenny a mid 40's couple who were about 2 miles away. Their youngest had just gone to uni. They were starting to experiment and loved the way fran had shown off and what we told them of our fantasies. They asked why i was still dressed while she was naked and we explained after a heart attack I needed the help of tadalafil to pleasure my wife and it takes a while to kick in. Jenny admitted at school she was a bit of a bully and a bitch but Ross's strong personality and big cock had tamed her, but now they were free she wanted to try her inner bitch again. She asked if fran wanted to meet for a drink in the local wetherspoons, and arranged to meet when fran finnished on friday. Ross would be working and as i was working thurs/fri i would be in bed.

Fran woke me @ 18:00 on Friday she was flushed I asked her what happenned but she was elusive told me to get ready for work and did my tea, as i was leaving she told me she'd told jenny everything and they had a plan i would see later. At work i got a pic message from Jenny it was fran naked in the cubicle door way of the pub toilets message "pic Fran agreed to for Ross after seeing him naked on my phone think she wants his big cock"

later another pic of Frans face mousey blond hair an a black tash (obviously Jennys pubes)"just checking she will eat pussy" then later 2 pics 1st of frans middle her legs spread knees touching the cubicle walls jennys hand between her legs 2 fingers up her then 2nd frans face and flushed tits hands behind her head face screwed up "think the face tells u what the sluts doing.

When I got home knowing i now had the weekend off i went to my drawer to get my pills they weren't there, I slipped in bed with fran cuddled up to her her pics on my mind I mentioned the tablets she told me i'd lose my head if it weren't attached and to leave her she was tired. As i nodded off she got up. She woke me at 4 with a coffee she stripped and went and showered i heard the shower finnish i got up she came in with my razor a towel and hot water she put the towel on the bed laid on it and spread her legs fanny already lathered she gave me the razor and said hurry up we'll be late. I shaved her fanny, Fran "use ur tongue make sure theres no stubble" when sure she was smoothe she turned over knelt and grabbed her cheeks spreading them wide "and back here dont forget to check 4 stubble with ur tongue".when done she told me to shower. When ready I came back into the bed room there was a jogging suit on the bed and trainers by the side as i reached for my underwear drawer fran said "just those" she had just her dressing gown on and was finnishing her hair and make up. When I was dressed she sent me down stairs to get her a wine when I returned she was struggling with a small suspender belt and stockings (never in our 25 yr relationship had she worn them) so i helped her then she openened another tiny bag in it were a mesh 1/4cup bra and tiny thong. When on her tits were bulging over the top of the cups and her fanny was chewing the thong, she looked at me "jennys idea the bras only a "c" cup and the knickers are for a teenage girl" literally nothing was hidden. "Right lets go" she said we walked downstairs she put on her coat and shoes, gave me the keys, we drove to their house Jenny opened the door. She was a very nice looking woman dark hair size 14 or so buxsom she welcomed fran with a hug and a kiss and passed her into the living room as i entered she said sternly "shoes" I took off my trainers and walked barefoot into the lounge Ross was embracing fran. Jenny "take Frans coat dear, jogging suit boy" Fran was stood in her undies as i stripped when naked i was sent to the kitchen to get them a drink there was a tray with 3 glasses on the table and a bottle of cava in the fridge (Fran rarely drinks)when i had served the drinks i realised the jogging suit had gone i was stood naked and stiff infront of a fully dressed younger couple and my wife in sexy undies. Jenny "what do u think of our slut dear" then looking at me "and she is our slut you would be supprissed what she agreed to in that cubicle with my magic fingers up her" , Ross "lovely i think those tits can cope with the confines of the small bra they can pop over the top but the thong looks like its cutting her in half". Jenny " OMG Fran i'm sorry think u'll need the next size up u boy get that thong off her before it damages something" I kneel before her and pull it down as the gusset comes from between her lips its soaking, she steps out of it and is invited to sit down on the settee they sit eiter side of her lean her back and lift and spread her knees wide, Ross "it looks red and puffy" Fran "yes best u kiss it better boy". While I was doing that they stripped to there underwear and resumed there positions pulling her knees wider tweeking her nipples as they had escaped over the top of the bra, she was humping up at my face as i lapped, Fran"OH FUCK" Jenny "thats it slut spunk in his face". Fran " OH YES I'M DOING IT", Ross "what" Fran " I'M SPUNKING IN HIS FACE", Jenny "good girl, ur looking rather stiff there boy why dont u fuck her. I knelt up and tried to put it in and as usual without medication it started to soften, they were all looking at me smirking as my cock couldn't get into my wifes soaking gaping pussy. Jenny "looks like ur not up to the job boy, what should we do Fran". Fran "oh Ross will u show him how its done", ross stands up removes his boxers and takes my place infront of her pushes her knees up to her tits he lines his 8"thick cock up with her hole he thrust in out in out in out then in his balls resting against her shaved arsehole, with every thrust she had squealed and when it was fully embedded she was shouting how full she felt, as she got used to the size she started begging him to fuck her. Fran pulled me foreward to watch as she told Ross "give the slut a skewering", i was confused but watched but watched as he pulled all the way out only the tip in her, he then thust all 8"s right up her"OH MY FUCKING GOD ITS HUGE", he did it again and again then started to fuck her hard as she calmed and got used to it.

Jenny "I should get u a blindfold for this but cant be bothered" she lifted her arse then slid her knickers off, right in front of my face she spread her thighs wide then grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her hairy fanny "eat it good boy" her thighs wrap round my head holding me in place after about 10 mins she releases me pulls me to the middle of the floor lays me on my back with a couple of cushions under my head she then puts the coffee table over over my midriff and sits on it feet either side of me i'm staring at her hairy fanny wet and gaping a few inches above my cock. Ross then brought Fran over and had her kneel over my face. Jenny "time for a fuck sandwhich

slut get ur face in here", Ross looks down at me " ready boy start sucking her clit" he then mounts her from behind I watch as his large cock slips straight in her and he bangs away at her his balls boucing off my forehead. I can hear better from this position Ross and Jenny calling Fran every sort of slut encouraging her to lick her from clit to arsehole,fran sounds like she having a constant orgasm.

After about 15 mins all change he pulls out Fran climbs off Jenny moves and Fran is laid on the coffee table Ross mounts up again and jenny holds me near as Ross tenses his balls clech as he fills her up. Fran " he can do that 3 times a night so i'll be getting mine later and its not going up me with Frans slut juice all over it "CLEAN IT boy". Ross stands infront of me were side ways on to Fran who has been joined by Jenny who is holding her knees up to her tits shes whispering to her to push the spunk down her pussy

and "tell him slut", Fran" do a good job they'll let me have it again". I slobber over his cock till Jenny is satisfied its clean she drags me round to Fran so i'm looking at my wifes red puffy gaping pussy shes forcing the cum up to the lips. Jenny " u want to fuck her later boy" "yes" she walks over to her side board takes out one of my pills. "u'll need this then" she and Ross then grab Frans labia minora and pull them apart she then drops the pill into her spunky hole " go get it boy" then they roared with laugher

as i stuck my tongue in trying to get it from his spunk