Written by heathrowm24

12 Apr 2010

My wife and I have been married for a few years now and I have always wanted to see her with other men but as much as she has enjoyed watching porn she was never up for it as she was a virgin until she met me, the idea turned her on but she would never agree.

So when this happened I couldn't believe it.

My car had some issues and I needed to get it into the garage however my bastard boss wouldn't agree to give me any time off. My wife works part time so agreed to take my car into the garage on her day off. I called ahead and explained that my wife would be in and asked Bob to call me once they looked at as I worried the would just take advantage seeing a woman has taken in the car.

My wife called once she was at the garage and ten mins later Bob called to say he could fix the problem but they had to order in parts which would take about a hour to get to them and then about hour an hour fitting to which I agreed. my wife was not so happy wasting her day at this garage, but little did I know Bob would keep her company.

Bob saw the look on my wifes face when i asked her to wait for them to do the job, after she got of the phone he joked around with her saying its not so bad chillin at the garage and that she could sit in the office which had a tv.

I should explain my wife always dresses to impress, on that day she was wearing skin tight jeans with a vest top and killer heels. When escorting her to the office he made a comment about her having a cute ass, she was a bit embarrassed and just laughed it off.

He left he to it for a while but kept making excuses to come back and flirt with her and then when over to his desk where she was sitting stretching over her to get something he hand brushed against her tits and this point my wife was blushing. Bob ignored what happened and kept trying to reach for something over her by now his big black cock was pressed against her arm. I should point out she is used to my average sized cock so when she could feels Bobs monster cock at that point flaccid and still bigger then mine she didn't say a thing but was staring doing at his pants.

Bob said its true you know, my wife was confused what are you talking about.

He replied once you go black..... she didn't know what do or say. It was at his point Bob took control of the situation like a real bull. he said to her do you want to see it, my wife was I am a married lady I cant do this to which Bob replied dont worry just have a look nothings gonna happen and that was it he put his hand down his pants and pulled out that 11" BBC. My wife was gobsmacked, Bob grabbed her hand and guided it down to his cock and my wife mumbled the works Oh my God its so big while slowly wanking him off.

She then gave away our secret, this is my hubbys dream to see me become a black cock slut. Bob relied with looks like his dreams about to come true then pulling my wife face towards his cock. She could barely get her lips around it, Bob didn't let that sto her forcing it in fucking her face even while she was gaggin he kept trusting after a few mins her sat made her strip, put her on his desk spread her legs wide with both legs over his shoulders and that was the moment he turned her into a black cock slut she had never felt a cock fill her up so much the girth...his cock was only a part of the way in she siad at first it was painful but then she just moaned with pleasure. He kept going until he filled her pussy, she wasnt on the pill so we are lucky she didnt get pregnant.

That evening my wife was acting all funny when I asked her about her day, later that night she confessed. I was gutted at first but now this will be that start seeing she has got the taste for BBC